15 Things To Say Yes To Starting Today



Trust me, I know what it’s like being a busy career girl and having to say no to a lot of things. But now I’ve made a list of 15 things to say yes to, I’m determined never to say ‘no’ again.

But it wasn’t until recently that I met a friend who was forcing me to say yes to things I never thought I would.

And the effects of this have really had a positive impact on my life and helped me to make time for the things I should.

So, if you’re also looking to inject a little ‘yes’ into your life then work your way through this list and start TODAY!


1. Drinks after work

So, I know after a long day of 9-5, the first you really want to do is run home, climb under the duvet and catch up with your favorite shows.

But with a little push from yourself can make all the difference. Say ‘yes’ to your friend and go for a drink or even food after work. And you’ll thank yourself later!


2. Those days meant for PJs

Don’t get me wrong, staying in and having a day to yourself isn’t the worst thing in the world. It can actually help you to relax and rewind after a really long week.

I always find taking a day for myself that’s purely about me, and doing absolutely nothing really helps me feel more energized when Monday comes around again!


3. Late Friday nights

If there’s one thing you should do with your Friday is to do something fun. It’s the weekend and it’s your chance to go a little crazy without having to worry about hangovers at work.

It will also give you that time to reconnect with your friends and be the person you enjoy to be. Afterall, it’s just one day of the week to stay up late and have a bit of fun!


4. That meal you’ve been craving

If you’re still committed to your new year health goals then go you! But if you’re just getting started, then don’t worry this also applies to you.

One cheat meal won’t overthrow everything you’ve worked hard for in the week. Treat yourself, and try to merge it with a meal with a friend.


5. A little bit of help

I am one of those people that feels like she can carry the world on her shoulders. And whilst it is possible, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without its stresses.

Remember, you have a team around you, friends and family who can always help you take the load off. So, use them. Remember you’re not alone and it’s ok to ask for help.


6. An event where you know nobody

If you’re worried about going alone, don’t, this just means you’ll be forced into meeting new people, which really can be an amazing thing.

But, if you can, drag a friend and go that event. If you can mix and mingle it can really do a lot for your career and business. Because truthfully, it’s all about who you know.



I love, love, love my job! So much so that I rarely plan vacations or even take my vacation days off!

And sometimes, money can scare me into not going abroad. But, even if you have no money you’ll be surprised how cheap you can get away. Take a look how this girl traveled the world on a budget! So, take a vacay, no excuses!!


8. Your natural beauty

Try out different things with your look by using your natural beauty to enhance it.

You’ll be surprised, you may think your naturally wavy hair is not cute but is that just what you think of it?

Embrace what you were born with and learn to love it, and you may actually look the best you ever have!


9. A Class

Go out and do something different. There are so many things you can and should do to get out of your comfort zone.

You may actually surprise yourself by finding a new hobby, or something you have a passion for.

Take an art’s class, a pottery class, a cooking class or even a dance class. Go out there and do it!


10. Lunch away from your desk

I eat lunch at my desk every day. I reply to emails, finish my work and type with one hand with a sandwich in the other.

But that’s not a lunch break. And yesterday I actually left my desk and went for lunch with the girls in the office.

And I had such a good time and felt more productive and refreshed by the time I came back into the office!


11. Karaoke

This is something you should always, always say yes to! Find the girls, put your best dress on, grab a cocktail and go sing your heart out!

It’s so much fun, and even if you’re not Beyonce at least you’ll have a few giggles!


12. Someone new

Breakups can be messy, and they can really affect how you go out and live. And I don’t know about you, but I close myself off, which I feel makes me miss out on so much around me.

So, my advice to you is don’t be afraid, open up your eyes because you never know what’s right in front of you. It could even be someone new.


13. Reading that book you’ve been dying to read for like years

If you’re anything like me you go and buy a new book every week and never find the time to actually read it.

Well, it’s time to find the time! Try reading on your commute, in a waiting room – anywhere you can. Rather than picking up your phone pick up a book and fall in love with reading again!


14. Going to the movies

I don’t know about you, but since Netflix took over my life I haven’t been to the cinema since.

But going to the movies used to be exciting and fun. And with modern cinemas popping up everywhere like rooftop cinemas means that it’s actually gotten a lot cooler.

So, take the time to go!


15. An adventure

Whatever an adventure means to you, you should go out and do it.

Plan a weekend where you can go on an adventure, even if it’s something you’re usually not into like hiking for example.

Because making memories and having fun is what it’s all about!



Will you start saying yes more? 



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  1. One job I had, practically everyone went out on Thurs. night. It was a lot of fun and we were a tight group. And since everyone went, you didn’t dare call in on Friday! Fridays were really quiet…

  2. Haha! When there’s a few going for work it’s hard to say no! Plus you end up having a really good time!

  3. I worked and raised kids at the same time. I made my kids the priority, and while I don’t regret that, I did take a hit with my friends and coworkers. I never went out to lunch or out to drinks after work (I was a college professor at the time) so I did zero networking. I really did cut off my own nose despite my face!
    My advice, make the time for all the things on this list! You don’t have to go to every event/lunch/function but try to keep connected! Kids grow up and jobs go away, I wish I had thought of that while I had the chance :)

  4. I feel like commenting because I’m excited but I don’t know what to actually say. This article and the 10 things to do before you turn 30 are the bomb. Feel so inspired and excited! YES, YES, YES!!!

  5. I love these ideas and the point to say yes to them!

    Maddison Jayne | maddisonjayne.blog/

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