5 Things Successful Women Do After Work Every Single Day

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When you have a demanding job and you’re determined to become successful, it can be hard to leave work at work and enjoy your time at home. But, the secret behind being successful is being able to find a balance. Yes, it’s great to give work your all but it’s also important to have a life outside of work to refresh and recompose. Follow these routines of successful women to be the best Career Girl you can be:

1. Leave work on time

Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and founder of Leanin.org, took a while to get over the guilt she felt about leaving work to get home for 6 pm. Do you ever feel a pang of guilt leaving co-workers behind their desks or rushing to pack up your things? Sheryl’s family time is important to her so she knew she couldn’t compromise. She had to be home to eat a meal as a family, and then she’ll do the work later. She talks about the tips she swears by in order to become successful in her book Lean In, it’s a must read if you want to know how to balance your life. Buy it here.

2. Try to get some head space

Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston and even Talita Ferreira (the CEO of BMW and a speaker at our Career Girl Academy!) swear by meditation in the evening and morning. “Starting your day off with that and ending with that is pretty powerful. If you’re looking for personal advice from the most successful women you can buy your tickets to the Career Girl Academy here. Twenty minutes, you just notice the difference! When I get lazy and don’t get it in, I can feel a difference in the day.” says Jennifer. All of these women have fast-paced busy lifestyles, and meditation can seriously help to calm things down and let your brain organize everything. Check out Headspace if you need a fast way to get in the zone.

3. Stop talking about work 

The most successful women know the importance of socializing and shutting down the work talk. Whether it’s Sheryl Sandberg making time for her family or Arianna Huffington deciding not to talk about work at home and ban all screens from her bedroom. Going out may not be something you will do every day, but you can still socialize in other ways, like phone calls, or even texts.

4. Unwind

Every successful Career Girl takes the time to refresh and replenish. And yes, you should be doing it every day. Work on yourself, for yourself. Whatever it is that relaxes you and makes you feel good, do it every day. Having this time to yourself will allow you to reflect on your day and set goals for tomorrow with a fresh mind. Gwyneth Paltrow swears by an Epsom Salt bath every evening. Run yourself a bath and slather on a face mask, you deserve it! Find our favorite face mask here.

5. Keep a to-do list by the bed 

Lauren Conrad swears by her to-do list so much so that she keeps it right next to her head while she sleeps. This way she can clear her head and write anything she thinks of in the night down without stressing out. We love a well-organized to-do list, which is why we created the Getting Things Done planner, check it out in the Career Girl Daily shop now.

5. Prioritize sleep

Arianna Huffington is all about ‘sleeping to the top’, which means she thinks a good night’s rest will get you ahead. She bans devices in her office and sticks to her sleeping routine every single day. Getting a good night’s sleep will ensure that you are can focus properly the next day and won’t get so distracted. And it also reduces stress and will increase your creativity! I sleep like a baby now thanks to the Slip silk mask, I know we always talk about it but if you struggle to sleep at night you should seriously get one. Buy it here.



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