The One Thing All Super Successful Women Have In Common

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Work hard, and you’ll reach the top…is it really that easy? Or do those super successful career girls have some handy secrets to their success? Of course, they do. They have a strong vision and mission right from the beginning. Let’s take the genius behind Reformation, Yael Aflalo, has always had an entrepreneurial mind, and started her first business when she was just 21!

Yael Aflalo isn’t the usual success story, she did things her way. She dropped out of fashion school with no other formal training and set up her first label Ya-Ya. When she was 20, she sold her first handmade skirts to Fred Segal, which led to her label being born. But it wasn’t to be.

“I had a brand called Ya-Ya for about ten years. I started it when I was 21. I had gone to fashion school for a year, but didn’t really have a design background beyond that. The label sort of grew up as I did. It was a contemporary label that had a lot of different identities throughout the ten years. I was at such a formative age when I started it, so it really matured with me.”

She got to stretch her entrepreneurial wings and try things out, but towards the end of its life, she lost her passion, was heavily in debt, and lost faith in the fashion industry.

“Towards the end of Ya-Ya, I really started to hate it. For one thing, I really don’t like the fashion calendar. I don’t like selling people coats in July. The whole thing is ridiculous. I also didn’t like how much the fashion industry is set up for waste. When I would order lookbooks the minimum would be like 5,000, but I would only need 400. There was so much paper and extra samples that by the time I closed Ya-Ya my warehouse was filled with ten years of waste.” She told Fashionista.

Rather than sink into her sorrows when Ya-Ya went under, she went on an ethical fashion journey, starting with watching eye-opening documentaries on Netflix and ending in a trip to China to see the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment.

There she found a niche, got her excitement back, and decided to make an eco-friendly brand that focused on trends too!

“When I used to tell people that I wanted to create a sustainable clothing company, most of them weren’t into it. At the time, a lot of eco brands weren’t looking at trends or focusing on fit. Instead of listening, we pursued our goal of becoming one of the first clothing brands to master fast, sustainable fashion that doesn’t sacrifice style or the environment.” She told Style Caster.

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  • Rebecca Huus

    Very inspiring! It’s so true, hard work makes the dream work. I would love if you would check out my blog. It’s going to be mainly about overall Wellness, Food, and I also hope to add a little fashion aspects into it as well.
    Thanks girl!
    xoxo Becs

  • The Gold Lipstick

    Such an inspiration!

    Mireia from TGL

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