9 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier

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A happy, positive, life means a more successful one. Being successful is all about finding a balance and enjoying life. After all, success comes from power, confidence, family, friends and positivity. It’s easy to be optimistic and live your life like a go-getter! These simple habits will ensure you always have a smile on your face.


1. Try new things 

The key to happiness might just be trying new things. Don’t stay stuck in a rut. Push yourself out of your comfort zone every so often. Opening yourself up to positive experiences can help improve your mood, motivation, and keep you inspired. Whether it’s jumping out of a plane (scary!) or sampling a cuisine you’ve never tried before, try to do one new thing a week.

2. Give yourself a social media break 

Social media gives us unrealistic expectations. Take it with a pinch of salt and give yourself a break every so often. Gigi Hadid is taking a social media break in 2017! Try giving yourself hours of operation to follow, during those hours you can check social media, but outside of those hours, you focus on other things. This way you give yourself some fresh air and can get some perspective.

3. Be realistic with yourself 

You need to be realistic with yourself. Holding yourself to high standards is a major cause of unhappiness and stress. So if you have too much to do, hold your hands up and admit you can’t get it all done. If you’ve set yourself a huge goal, break it up into small pieces.

4. Celebrate your success 

We are all too hard on ourselves, and neglect to reward ourselves when we do a good job. Don’t wait for someone else to hand you your trophy, give it to yourself. If you think you’re doing a great job, remind yourself! It’ll help your job satisfaction levels go up and make you happier in the long run.

5. Get physical 

Exercise can be a social event, which can help you meet new people. The endorphins you gain from getting your blood pumping will reduce stress and boost happiness levels.

So if you’ve been feeling a little down in the dumps, get a fitness tracker and start being more active! It’ll change your life.

6. Take control 

Take control of your life, and responsibilities for your actions. Take control of what happens to you and don’t let ‘the universe’ control you. The key to happiness is to accept that actions have consequences and to be proactive with your life. It’ll make you so much happier.

7. Plan your meals

What you eat helps with how you feel, too. Planning meals is a great way to make sure that what you’re fuelling yourself with actually helps to boost your mood. We found a meal prepping technique that will change the game and upgrade every single meal you have! Check it out here.

8. Make your house your home 

If your house doesn’t bring you happiness, then it might be a house and not a home. Your environment does a lot to boost your mood. Plants will purify the air and boost your mood, while sentimental objects and decor with a color theme will make it feel cozy.

Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project, says that getting into the habit of daily bed-making is one of the simplest tasks that will positively impact your happiness. Coming home to a cozy room with a made bed will make you feel happy and calm.

9. Invest in yourself

Career Girls know that the key to happiness is investing in yourself. But sometimes we forget. 2017 is the year of you! Take the courses you’ve always wanted to take, work on your health and fitness, invest in yourself. Remind yourself that you’re amazing, give yourself the pampering bath, book those beauty treatments. Looking after yourself will boost your mood if you’ve been feeling low!

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  • Mila S


    the first one I struggle with the most tho, literally cannot take myself out of my comfort zone sometimes!

    Hope to change that in the new year!✨

    x Mila
    ❄️ http://www.topknotkindaday.com ❄️

  • Tanka

    I think being able to appreciate the small things in life that we have can help bring us more joy in the new year. For example, the morning run to Starbucks for coffee or tea every morning becomes a habit for most of us because we need it. We often times forget that many people can’t afford to do that. We have the ability to take the simple things in life and turn them into small luxuries, and then our outlook on life changes for the positive.

    xx- Tanka


  • Shii

    these are all so important!! I will definitely be incorporating these tips into my life. Thank you for sharing:)

    Shii x

  • Shevy

    Having a life is so important. Great tips.


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