7 Simple Goals To Set And Achieve This Year



The new year brings so much promise, this year it’s our mission to savor it, not to waste any chance and to be the best we can possibly be. Every year there are trends, last year it was all about athleisure, coziness, glitter, gloss, and getting real about our health.

This year it’s all about health and happiness, trend forecasters are expecting clean living to explode in the coming months. If you want to grab this year by the horns and be the best you can be, step outside your comfort zone and give some of these trends a try.


1. Have a moringa morning 

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Moringa is the new ‘it’ food and ingredient in skincare. Moringa is a plant most commonly found in India, and its leaves, pods, fruits, flowers, roots, and bark can be used for a variety of things, they can be eaten or used in beauty products to deliver some seriously game-changing results. It is used to strengthen hair, clear up the skin, make you feel more energetic and heal your scalp. It’s a serious wonder ingredient!

Mix up a morning smoothie with some moringa superfood powder, or try out these beauty products that contain it.


2. Protect yourself from pollution 

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With health-conscious trends taking over this year, it’s all about protecting yourself from big city pollution. Anti-pollution skincare was a huge thing in 2017, but still not a staple of many people’s skincare regimes. This year, it’s back and bigger than ever.

Everyone wants to protect their skin from free radicals that lead to premature aging, and the sad fact is, city life will age your skin faster. So get ahead of the game and keep your youthful looks for longer by getting clued in on anti-pollution skincare.


3. Be aware of self-care 



It’s all about you. Were you as kind to yourself in 2017 as you could have been? It’s time to actually make time for you. Don’t be afraid to switch off your phone sometimes, and book in treatments and experiences that will refresh your mind and energize your body. If you’ve never tried mindfulness or yoga, now is the time to give it a go. Start by scheduling some self-care activities this weekend, hobbies you like, friends you want to spend the day with and switch off for a few hours to relax your mind.


4. Boost your brain 

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Another huge health trend in 2018 will be brain boosting supplements. We all want to perform to our best, and sometimes you need a little boost in the mental department. These supplements work by delivering minerals and vitamins to your body that will help boost your brain function. For example, ginkgo root has been shown to boost mental energy, so if you feel yourself underperforming, try a brain booster and feel yourself getting more mentally prepared.

5. Create a healthy home 


Are you seeing the trend yet? It’s all about health and wellness this year, maybe 2017 frazzled us a little bit. But this year we’re bringing it back around and focusing on what really matters our wellbeing. Decor trends will take on a health-centered approach, with sturdy plants to clean air, tech that supports your sleep, crystals for decoration (and if you believe in them, for energy) and plenty of calming candles and diffusers. Embrace this trend, it will make you feel better in the long run.


6. Work with other women



With so many women working in cities for themselves, carving their own paths or working freelance, coworking spaces are becoming a huge trend. Female only coworking spaces are getting an upgrade. With trendy networking, working, and relaxing facilities to empower women to do their best and meet like-minded women. We predict quite a few will pop up near you soon, so if you get the chance, you should definitely drop by!


7. Travel like a local 



This year, we’re done with hyped up vacations where you do nothing but lay on a beach. People are searching for the best cities to visit, how to live like a local, and for the experiences that will make their lives richer. They want to unplug, detox, see the world through new eyes and forget what they know. This is a great travel trend to embrace, as it will save you a lot of money on resorts, and make your life richer.


Are you setting yourself any simple goals right now? Share them with us, maybe we can help each other out…



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  1. Loved this post so many good things about it, want to now make sure I create a healthy home and will remember to travel if I were a local. Thank you! xx maddisonjayne.blog/

  2. I love the travel like a local tip. I want so much to travel more. And even if i don’t travel outside the country it still would b fun to pretend that I am travelling and find places that are cool and interesting in my town.

  3. Hi Jasmine, yes definitely! There are plenty of places to discover and enjoy without even go too from your home!

  4. Hi Annie, I bought the whole set and loved it! And I couldn’t agree with you more – self-care is the most important and also the most fun!

  5. Hi Jasmine, definitely! You don’t have to go too far away to travel and experience new things, you’ll be surprised what new things you can discover right on your doorstep!

  6. Hi Annie, I couldn’t agree more! I love the whole range, I think they’re so cool and they have something for everything!

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