6 Genius Things To Do The Night Before Your Job Interview

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So, you’ve got this far! Go you! Application, check. Test assignment, check. And now, you have the interview. This is your chance to show to the hiring officers that you are the right person for the job, it’s your chance to wow them! And although you have gotten this far, the hard work isn’t over! Queue the interview preparation. We all want to make sure we are best prepared, especially when we want to know we did everything we could. So what should you do?

1. Look the part

Your outfit is important, and it’s not just what you wear but how it looks. Make sure your outfit is clean and crisp. Be careful with colors and make sure they match and that nothing is too tight or too lose. Being comfortable in what you wear exudes confidence and assurance to the hiring officers. The right outfit will really affect how you walk into the room and how you feel walking into that room. It also helps to ask a friend or someone you trust for a second opinion on your outfit just to be sure it is appropriate.

2. Eat right

There are two things you want to do in regards to food the night before your interview. First, you don’t want to have a heavy dinner. This will slow you down in the morning and may leave you bloated. Have something that is filling and light. Second, plan out what you will have for breakfast the following morning. It is best to have something whole, healthy and simple. You want to be awake, focused and in a good mood for this interview so it’s important that you eat the right foods to give you the boost you need.

3. Know your sh*t

It definitely wouldn’t hurt to brush up on little details about the company and about the position. You should really cover all the basics and it’s usually best to come up with some ideas that will have a positive impact on the company. Prove yourself valuable and show them how you would be a great fit for them! Know what you are walking into and be ready for any question – there’s nothing worse than stumbling around for an answer to an unexpected question!

4. Be ready to go

My biggest problem in the morning is usually fumbling around for something or another and it’s all because I didn’t pack my bag the night before. And this always makes me late – so don’t follow my example and make sure you’re organized. Also, if you haven’t done so already, make copies of your resume so that when asked you have it in your hand for the interviewers. Packing the night before will also mean you’re less likely to forget something on the day! Trust me!

5. Meditate

At this stage, it’s normal for nerves to get the better of you. Remember you can do this and believe you deserve this job. Why? Because working smart and hustling hard reaps benefits. And since you have done both, it is time to seal the deal in tomorrow’s interview and present to them a new member of the team! Calm yourself the right way!

6. Get a good nights sleep

This might be easier said than done when you’re nervous, but you need to make sure to go to bed at an adequate time. You want to get enough sleep so that when your alarm rings you are well rested and ready. Nothing tops a good nights rest for the next day.



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  1. I’ve been going through the job search/interview process, and I can’t agree more with this list. Meditating and getting enough sleep I think are two things that are often overlooked, but they are so important! I always do better in interviews when I’m calm and fully energized.


  2. I couldn’t agree more with you! Being prepared and relaxed makes such a difference! As a former recruiter, I would add one more thing- remember about savoir vivre. I had so many people chewing gum or walking into a room with headphones on. So disrespectful

  3. SO helpful as always! you’re like an older sister, I’m so thankful!?

    ? Mila
    – http://www.topknotkindaday.com –

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