These Are The 6 Things Most Women Want In Their Careers



A penthouse office with killer views? The ability to work from home and travel wherever you want? Those are all nice, but there are some things that we can all agree on. According to CIO (and the girls in the CGD office after a few debates!) there are a couple of things all women want in their careers – read and see if you agree.

Yes, we want the ability to take holiday, to work from home at least one day a week, to come and go when we want as long as our bosses know we are doing the job they pay us for, we want the flexibility to live our lives and eventually when we have a family, we want the flexibility to go do our thang, come back and not be judged for it. We still work just as hard.

In order to be inspired in the office, we want someone to look up to. We want to find our role model and shadow them, learn from them, copy their work wardrobe until we become them. If there are hardly any women on the team, it just doesn’t bode well for the rest of us. Someone who’s broken the glass ceiling to keep us working for that promotion.

3. Equal pay
This one goes without saying, we want to be paid equally. D’uh. The worst of it is, you may earn less depending on your race. That’s awful. I know that we don’t often negotiate our salary as well as men do, maybe because of our use of passive language, but damn we deserve that equal pay.

4. Recognition
You know I’m tired of being told you shouldn’t expect to be praised for your work. A good boss will recognize when you do a good job, and in our career, we can’t be expected to give ourselves a pat on the back and carry on – recognition makes it all worth it.

5. Transparency
If there’s no room for promotion we’d rather know about it from the start. We want paid holiday (we get this in the UK but not in the US) and more transparency about the role and expectations. How many times have you agreed to something on the suggestion that you might get a promotion? Well, we want clarity and honesty. No more jargon and fluffing up terms.

6.Common ground with those in charge
If your boss is sitting in an isolated office and comes out once a month to circle you all like a shark in the ocean, you won’t be happy. The best work environments are the ones where you see that your leaders are human, which is why team building days and Christmas parties are so important. Doing a good job for someone means you need to trust them and want to please them, but know that you are independent and valued.


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