7 Valuable Skills You Can Learn From Home This Weekend


There are so many things you can learn from home when you’re bored or have some free time. From learning a new language to managing your finances, the possibilities are endless. But often, you just don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry, we’ve grouped together the best resources for distance learning that you can choose to invest in or do for free, so learning something new is entirely possible from home!

1. A brand new language

Where: Duolingo
How much: Free
What is it: Duolingo is the handy app that will turn learning a new language into an addictive game you show up for every single day. From Portuguese to German and everything in between, if you’ve always wanted to learn a language, now is the time to pick up those skills and dedicate some time to learning a new language. Find out more here.

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2. Manage your finances

Where: Give Yourself Credit Journal
How much: £28
What is it: You’ve got money coming in and going out, right? Now’s the time to get on top of that and figure out what you should be spending and saving. The Give Yourself Credit journal is an offline way to manage your money. Start by filling in your income and write down everything you spend, next move on to your savings goals, what you want to spend in each category and your expenses for the month. Find out more here.

3. How to write like Margaret Atwood

Where: Masterclass
How much: £170 for unlimited yearly use
What is it: Masterclass is an online platform where you can learn from the world’s most successful people. Interested in writing? Learn from Dan Brown, Neil Gaiman or Margaret Atwood. Prefer cooking? Learn from Gordon Ramsay. You can also learn interior design, self-expression from Ru Paul, leadership from Anna Wintour and makeup artistry from Bobbi Brown. There’s so much to learn, class resources, and comprehensive lessons that will teach you something incredible. Find out more here.

4. Start your own business

Where: Business As Usual journal
How much: £28
What is it: If you’re staring into your free time wondering what to do, now might be the time to start that side hustle. Get out your pen and work through this journal to figure out what skills you have that you can turn into a business, what to name your business and how to promote and market it, and how to manage your business expenses and start-up costs. You can start a business from your bedroom, and now might just be the perfect time to do it. Find out more here.

5. How to shoot photographs like a pro

Where: Skillshare
How much: Two-week free trial ($99 a year after)
What is it: Skillshare is an online learning library taught by people who have skills you’ve always wanted to know. From design and illustration to creative writing and web design, there’s so much to learn on Skillshare and with a two-week free trial, you can get your fill. This class, in particular, will teach you how to shoot Instagram-worthy shots with friends and family, and you can practice at home, getting creative with angles, lighting, color and poses. Find out more here.

6. Master Photoshop

Where: YouTube
How much: Free
What is it: Photoshop can come in handy for all sorts of things, selling your skills as a side-hustle, editing your holiday shots, creating and designing logos and web banners and so much more. With enough knowledge of Photoshop, you can do anything. This comprehensive crash course will teach you everything and get you set up with Photoshop so you know what each tool does and feel comfortable using it. Find out more here.

7. Learn to code a website

Where: Codecademy
How much: Free
What is it: Coding is an invaluable skill, whether you just want to change the color of the links on your online portfolio or are interested in learning to code responsive elements for a webpage, there’s so much value in having coding skills. Codecademy is a free online tool to get you set up with basic HTML and beyond. There’s a pro version, but you can learn the basics and beyond with the free version, too. Find out more here.


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