How To Think Like A Go-Getter In 2018



Thinking like a go-getter has always been pretty much second nature to me. I have always believed I can, which always means that I do. The sky has always been the limit and it always will be. And whilst you may think I was just born this way, I can tell you that it’s taken a lot of work to reprogramme my mind to think this way. I know that not everyone finds it easy to think like a go-getter, I get it. Outside factors can sometimes slow us down and even stop us from going after our dreams at all! But with the new year basically moments away it’s really your chance to let go of the old and try something new. 2018 could be your year of opportunity, but seeing as opportunities aren’t really handed out, I’ll show you how you can create your own!

1. Rewire your way of thinking 

First things first, you’ve got to change the way your brain works in order to let go of the following steps. This doesn’t exactly just happen overnight – if it did we would all be major successes! But that’s just not always the case. It takes a little time. But you have to find a place to begin. If you’re a person who tends to fall on the negative and usually says ‘I can’t’ instead of ‘I can’ then you need to rewire that thought process. You can start by turning any negative into a positive and this will force you into thinking like a go-getter even when you’re not trying to.

2. Don’t be held back

We can all get a little side-tracked when it comes to achieving our goals. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. Sometimes life takes over and although your goals aren’t forgotten about, they’re not manageable. And that thinking you need to change fast. I know how it feels to feel like there isn’t enough time in the day (there isn’t!) and that work life can sometimes take over everyday life. But don’t let it hold you back, stop making excuses this year and instead just do it. It’s all the same, whether it’s a person that’s holding you back, a fear you may have or your job don’t let it rule your life anymore.

3. Forget the fear 

I bet you that one of the components that has been holding you back in 2017 and the previous years before is fear. It is one of the main reasons why people never turn their dreams into goals. Sometimes, we can think that we won’t be able to do something. And that’s where you’re going wrong. No matter what it is, there is nothing you cannot do. In order to think like a go-getter, this needs to be your mantra. You need to believe that you can do anything because you can. Don’t let something like fear get in the way because you never know where you can go.

4. Prepare for the worst

I make sure that I am my worst critic, so whenever I face some harsh criticism I don’t take it to heart but take it constructively. And that’s so important. You can’t let yourself be held back by an opinion you don’t like. You have to understand that not everyone is going to like what you put out and that’s ok. Prepare for the worst, prepare for mistakes that way when they happen you will be mentally ready for it and will be able to bounce back much easier.

5. Compare yourself 

I think it’s healthy to look at what other women are doing and seeing how they are doing it better than you. It’s here that you get the tips and the motivation to improve. It’s not about feeling threatened or hating another woman because she’s successful. It’s about measuring yourself against someone else and seeing if you’re on track. Look at your favorite role model for example, how does she handle stress? What would she do? She wouldn’t be held back by anything, they would go out and do something about it. And that’s exactly the woman I want to be.


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