This Blogger’s Response To Criticism About Her Weight Is Perfect!

Talented, fashionable and intelligent are just some of the words you could use to describe Christina Topacio, the blogger behind, overweight is not one of those words. But unfortunately for Christina, people are often judging her based on how they think she should look and letting her know exactly how they feel.

Photo by Chelsea Cooper for Pro Fresh Style

It was a normal day for Christina when she received a message from a man named Bruno, whom she’d never met, letting her know he had something to tell her that might make her never want to talk to him again.

She politely responded, only to be told how beautiful she was and how he’d date her. He had one catch though, “You need to f***ing lose weight. It kills me.” he wrote. Christina tweeted the exchange, including her replies and they instantly went viral.


Christina decided not to freak out as his opinions didn’t warrant an irrational response. She wanted to be proud of the way she handled it, so she calmly told him he was entitled to his own opinion. It wasn’t over then, though, Bruno kept going, informing Christina that her weight was literally the only reason he wouldn’t date her. Most of us would have lost our cool, but Christina handled it expertly and simply sent him a selfie while eating Chipotle, the photographic equivalent of ‘screw you!’


How awesome is Christina’s reply? She kept her cool and simply sent him a picture enjoying her food and looking cute doing it! We think Christina is flawless how she is and love that she’s still enjoying her Chipotle in the face of criticism about her weight. Body positivity is a huge issue for women and the first step on your path to self love is accepting yourself exactly how you are!

  1. Wow what a douche bag! She handled him with real class but I’m not sure I would have even responded at all.

  2. Wow. That girl has some class. that man had no right, just because she’s online doesn’t mean she invites comments on her figure. I love her response and it’s such a positive message for us all. xx Dandy I

  3. This is amazing, love how girls like this can stick up for themselves and not care what stupid men think!

    Thank you for sharing x

    Love Charlotte x

  4. What a great response, and it shows there’s no need to get rude to show that you don’t agree. Love it.

  5. This post has made my day although it really shouldn’t have happened! Why do people feel the need to be so rude and judgemental when there is not need!

  6. This is incredible. I am so proud of her and can feel my skin start to boil at the thought of having to do what she did. Insane!

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