This DIY Graduation Dress Empowers Girls All Over The World

Erinne Paisley

Erinne Paisley from British Columbia, didn’t graduate in a traditionally gorgeous dress like her course mates. Instead, she decided to make her dress out of homework, with a very important message attached about the educational rights of girls all over the world.

Erinne, 18, made the dress out of old maths homework notes and wrote an important message on it, which reads “I’ve received my education. Not every girl has that right.”

The dress was fastened together with tape, satin straps and a fashionable velvet waistband. As well as raising awareness amongst her peers, she donated the money she would have spent on her graduation dress to The Malala Fund, founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and her father, Ziauddin, to empower women through secondary education.

Erinne Paisley

“The fact that over 62 million girls are deprived of access to secondary education…moved me immensely,” she wrote on the Malala Fund blog. “I chose the Malala Fund because advocating for girls’ education is extremely important, and the Fund’s ability to support so many different initiatives and girl heroes within the movement is truly inspirational.”

Erinne Paisley

As well as garnering a great deal of support and raising awareness on an international scale, Erinne posted her dress on a bidding site to further raise money for women’s education. The current bid is $1,150! Which proves that one woman and a dress can inspire real change! Read more here!

What do you think of this story? I love the style of the dress as well as the amazing message it supports! It seems so shocking to me, as someone who has finished University and is constantly learning new things and starting new courses, that there are women in the world who are denied the right to learn! If you’re eager to help women all over the world get an education why not check out The Malala Fund.

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