This Is How Kylie Jenner Is Going To Manage Being A Working Mom



The Kardashian/Jenner family are an inspiration in their own right, and though they receive a lot of hate for the things they do, you have to admit they’re doing something right. They continually inspire a generation to launch their own businesses and go after what they want, and they’re unashamed about the way they look, feel, or think. Right now, the internet is going crazy with the news of the Kylie Jenner baby.

After months of rumors, the truth is out there. The 11 minute YouTube video she uploaded received 28 million views in 24 hours. It was a touching tribute to becoming a mother. And although she’s only 20, she has an estimated net worth of $50 million, which means she’s well-prepared to give her child the best life.

75% of mothers with children under 18 in the US are employed full-time. And if Kylie Cosmetics is to reign supreme, she might just join them. Of course, Kylie has a lot more opportunity than a lot of the working moms out there – but I thought I’d celebrate this news by making it an ode to working moms. So here’s some parenting advice – Kardashian style.



It takes a village 


As shown in the 11-minute video Kylie shared, it really does take a village, as Kris says. You can expect Kylie to take comfort in the fact that her sisters have all been there. With Khloe expecting, the family will lean on each other. While Kylie was pregnant she let Kris do some promo for Kylie Lip Kits as she wanted to focus on her own health and happiness. She’ll definitely lean on her family and assistants during this adjustment period to make sure she’s doing the right thing. Motherhood is a group effort sometimes, and with a large family, it’s even better.



She’ll need to prioritize 


With the birth of her baby, she’ll need to prioritize the things she has lined up. Her friends praised her maturity during this time. Kim told Romy and The Bunnies, “It is an adjustment trying to balance a career and motherhood for sure, but the key is to prioritize.” And Kylie will definitely be doing this in the coming weeks, she’ll post content that promotes the right message – and focus on what adds value to her life. She may even create some new lines and products that incorporate her life as a mother, which will demand a lot of her time.




She’ll find her own style 


Kim is very strict on the kid’s bedtimes, while Kourtney allows her children to sleep in bed with her. She told People Babies, “As a working mom if I didn’t have much time with the kids during the day, at least I knew we’d have the evening together as a family.” Kourtney famously keeps her children on a strict diet, while Kylie will probably look to her sisters for advice.

Eventually, she’ll find her own style, though she might follow Kourtney’s footsteps and read a few parenting books to help her make the best decisions.



Things will only get better 


“Kylie’s first few days of motherhood have been the happiest of her life,” a source told E!. “She feels like being a mom is her true calling and there’s nothing that’s ever felt so right. Bringing the baby home has been the greatest joy and most sacred experience, she is elated and overjoyed. Kylie felt so ready to meet the baby and had been counting down the weeks for what felt like forever, she can’t believe she’s finally here and in her arms and this journey is beginning.”

I’m sure moms all over the world can empathize, although Kylie might have a crazier, busier life than ever – her life will never be the same.


Congrats to one of our favorite career girls! What do you think about the video and Kylie building a multi-million dollar empire while being a mom? 


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