This Is The Best Mother’s Day Gift To Give Right Now

In the UK Mother’s Day is 30th March (just a reminder, not saying you forgot or anything), and the best gift you can give on Mother’s Day is a gift that says ‘thanks for everything.’

Mother’s don’t always have to be the women who are related to us, they are the strong, supportive women who’ve helped us become who we are, who’ve raised us. These are the women that Mother’s Day is all about. It’s all about thanking those incredible women for everything they’ve done. You can do this by giving them the gift of more time, of an easier life, of everything they need to do – done. And the best way to do that is to give them the gift of Getting Stuff Done. Plus – get 20% off when you buy two (one for you and one for her?) with the code MOTHERS20.

With the Getting Stuff Done planner, everything runs smoothly. You can write down your daily to-dos keep your meal plans on track, make a note of your self-care, track your water, expenses, shopping lists and more. It’s actually the perfect mom-approved gift! So here are a few reasons why you should consider giving the gift of getting stuff done this mother’s day.


We know that most mum’s spend time running here there and everywhere, with one thousand things to do on their to-do lists, shopping lists and meal prep to remember and hardly any time to take care of themselves. With the Getting Stuff Done planner, staying ahead of the day is easy. You only need to write down your plan for the day on the left-hand side of the page however you’d like and concentrate on getting stuff done. You can use checkboxes, time your day, make an in-depth to-do list or just scribble what needs to be done down.


If your mum needs a reminder to look after herself once in a while, the Getting Stuff Done planner’s right-hand page is perfect, with sections for meal prep, self-care, water tracking and more. It’s a reminder that in order to get everything done you have to take care of yourself too, you have to make time for self-care, even if it’s a thirty-minute bubble bath or a good book before bed. Give her a gift that will help her stay organized and stay on top of everything she has to do and get her a gift she’ll actually want.

The Getting Stuff Done planner is available in pink, leopard print, and black, each is covered with vegan leather and features a ribbon marker to allow you to track your position as you work through the book. It’s a daily undated planner, so you can start at any time and get organized to start getting stuff done.

If the mum in your life would love a Getting Stuff Done planner, why not get 20% off when you buy two with the code MOTHERS20!
*Offer valid in the UK only, ends Friday 29th March at midnight.



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