This Model Just Hilariously Translated Every Girl’s Snapchats

23-year-old Holly Carpenter from Dublin is proving that being a model doesn’t define her, she’s showcasing her sense of humour through a new blog series titled ‘What She’s Really Saying On Snapchat.’ Uh-oh, we’ve been hustled! Time to invent some new tactics!

Holly Carpenter

Holly was originally in art college before she won Miss Ireland in 2011 and she’s showing the world that she doesn’t take herself too seriously in these hilarious snaps!

She points out that a lot of girls are guilty of subverting hidden meaning in their Snapchats, and as well as many hidden messages, there are also a few good love stories she knows that start with ‘he Snapchatted me.’

Check out Holly’s hilarious translations of popular Snapchats, do you recognise any of them? See the full set on Holly’s blog! 

#1 “We’re just single girls having some single girl fun…”

Holly Carpenter

#2 “Just having an innocent bubble bath…nothing to see here!”

Holly Carpenter

#3 “I’m not wearing any makeup, honest. Primer, foundation, brow powder, lip balm, mascara and blusher don’t even count.”

Holly Carpenter

#4 “I will have no recollection of this in the morning. Please do not screenshot.”

Holly Carpenter

Have you ever used any of these Snapchat tactics? I think we all know someone who pulls at least one of these! Share your Snapchat moments with us in the comments below, for me, anything after 12:00 am is bound to be the source of some regret in the morning!


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