This Simple Trick Will Help You Improve Your Productivity

Everyone wants to be more productive! This tip will help you clarify your thoughts, remember things better and reach your goals more surely.

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Would you believe us if we said that the secret to improving your productivity and training your brain is stored in a pen? Every career girl needs to have a go-to pen that glides across their notebook and easily slides inside bags, pockets and purses so we don’t accidentally leave it on the office desk or on the seat of a train. We all know the difference a great pen can make, your writing looks great and your notes are a joy to write, but what if writing by hand with an incredible pen could also improve your productivity? We’ve teamed up with masters of innovative pen design Lamy to prove that a pen can be as stylish and sophisticated as you are and increase your productivity in ways you can’t imagine!

increase your productivity lamy pen
Lamy AL-star in Black and Graphite more info here

#1 Writing has soul

Most of us type at a rate of more than 80 words per minute these days, thanks to years of tapping away on our keyboards chatting to our friends and developing our online personalities, but handwriting is also so important. Do you remember getting your first pen and the pride you felt when learning to join up your letters? Handwriting is still a great way to connect writing with your personality, everybody knows receiving a handwritten note is much more personal than one typed out on a computer. So you need to find a pen that rekindles your love of handwriting, not one that gives your hand cramp and runs out of ink! Lamy are the forefront of stylish and ergonomic pens, as an independent family business founded in 1930, they have years of experience in designing flawless fountain pens that reflect their customers, and it helps that their pens are stunning!

#2 Writing trains your brain

Studies have shown that people who write by hand process information better and remember contents longer. It’s often recommended that you write information down multiple times if you need to remember it, that’s because the action of slowly writing it helps your brain not only connect with the action but with the words you’re putting down on paper. We all have dippy moments where we forget why we walked into a room or what we meant to pick up from a shop, but writing lists and scribbling notes will help to remedy that. Your long-term memory will improve, as you’re more likely to remember something you’ve written down yourself weeks (or even months) ago!

#3 Writing helps you solve problems

Writing by hand leaves little room for error, you can’t simply press backspace when you make a mistake so you have to be more careful with your wording. This allows your brain to highlight the most important parts of what you’re trying to say, so that your writing can be concise and clear. If you have a problem to solve, scribbling it down on a notepad will help your brain break it down into essential components and help you start to tackle it. Everybody knows the best way to overcome something difficult is to scribble away on a notepad with reckless abandon, you just can’t get the same satisfaction for tapping away on the keys of a computer!

#4 A good pen can make life so much easier

We know you save writing for the most important times, hurried reminders, journal entries, scribbled wishes inside greetings cards, so it’s important that you get it right. You don’t want to use a pen that makes your hand cramp with a clunky design, or one that requires you to shake it and scribble furiously in order to get the ink flowing. You want your pen to respect your writing, to bring out the best handwriting you have, whether you’re writing a fancy RSVP or scrawling naughty notes to your best friend, that’s why you need a long-lasting pen that looks as good as it feels. It’s not just what is written that’s important, it’s how. Those who write slow learn faster, and if you have a great pen, writing by hand can be a joy!

increase your productivity lamy pen
Our personal favourite the Lamy Pico in red! More info here

Lamy pens come in a variety of shapes and shades, featured in this article are the Lamy Pico and Lamy AL – star, beautiful pens fit for a career girl. What we love about these pens is the effortlessness of the design, we won’t be embarrassed to pull one of these beauties out of our handbag. But the most important thing about a great pen is that it must be functional, us career girls need something that can tolerate quick illegible scribbles and long-drawn out scrawls and Lamy delivers totally unique and operational pens. It’s never too late to put the fun back into writing, and after using one of these pens you’ll be looking for any excuse to start scrawling on paper again!

If you’re in need of an amazing pen and want to check out any of the pens featured in this article visit, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram!  

  1. What a great outlook! I never really considered a pen to make that type of difference, but it makes perfect sense! Thank you for the wonderful tips!

    Colleen M

  2. Love This! I thought I was the only one in the world who had an affection for a certain pen, with a certain feel and flow! I have even gone so far as to put my name (discreetly) on my pen so that no one could snag it. And, I absolutely love this line: “You want your pen to respect your writing”

    Have a great day!

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