This Simple Trick Will Help You Kickstart Your New Year’s Resolutions



Do you remember the last New Year’s resolution you stuck to? I do. It was simple, I had to live life more ‘fearlessly’, and so that year I threw myself into anything and everything I could think of. That was the year I joined CGD, the year when I challenged myself not to do something like workout every day, but to stick to a concept.

New Year’s resolutions, by their very nature, are designed to fail. We often say them out loud and stick to them for the first few weeks, but no forethought goes into creating the right plan for our resolutions. We never stop to think if our resolutions are actually achievable. But you can smash the goals you set yourself in the new year. There’s a simple trick to making sure that you stay on the right path and don’t give up.

Use the golden circle

Simon Sinek invented the golden circle for businesses. It forces you to think about the reasoning behind what you’re doing and make sure that you’re starting it for the right reasons. If you imagine a three-ringed circle that starts with why, then moves on to how and what, you’ve got the golden circle. It can work for goals, too.

Don’t begin with what you want to do, begin with why. There needs to be a very clear and emotional reason why you’re dedicating yourself to this goal, otherwise, you won’t stay motivated and excited. This is the trick to staying on track with your New Year’s Resolution. Why do you want to get fit? Why do you want to live fearlessly? Start with this before anything else.

Take some time perfecting your plan 

Ok so you know why you want to do it, but do you know how?  Often, with New Year’s Resolutions we just boldly declare what we’re going to do, make a few attempts and then give up. Not this year, though. This year you’re going to create the perfect plan before you announce it. You can do this right now, you only need around thirty minutes, a pen and some paper and the motivation to create your plan.

I personally have done this with the Goals 2019 Diary, filling out monthly goals for the next twelve months means I’ll definitely have to stick to them, but you can also do this with your daily planner or notebook. Start by writing your goal and why it’s important to you at the top of the page. Then write down the next twelve months and twelve realistic steps you’ll have taken towards it.

Make sure that this is possible for you, that you can work around your busy life and make it happen. Once you’ve written that down, you can break it down even further. I know that personally, I won’t stick to a deadline unless it’s urgent. I tend to see far-flung deadlines as something to work on tomorrow or put off until another day, which doesn’t work when you’re trying to smash your goals. So the best way I’ve found to do this is to break each month up into four weeks and give myself an even smaller weekly deadline. I’ll do this for every month, but not all at once. Start with January now, break it down into four weeks and decide what your goal for the end of each week is. Give yourself a reward after one month and you’ll be more likely to continue.

Create smart rewards 

Something that you really, really want should go in the middle of your progress. For me, that’s a new computer. And I’ll give it to myself once I’ve smashed the goal. For those mini-rewards, you don’t need to spend a penny. Think about experiences you can treat yourself with, go for a walk, hang out with a friend, call your family, visit home, think of all the things you can do that you’ll enjoy but don’t cost a penny. These things will keep you on track with your goal and make you more motivated



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