This Swedish Concept Can Make You More Productive


Remember when ‘hygge’ was a thing? In the winter months, there’s nothing you want more than to snuggle down in your furriest blanket with a hot drink, but now – nah. Now you want to enjoy the daylight, be social, de-clutter, get your fake tan on and parade around in your favorite outfits.

This time of year is all about celebrating the hours of daylight, sitting outside and seeing the stars in the evening, with friends, enjoying every moment. And at this time of year, you don’t want a concept that keeps you isolated under your blanket, no you need something that helps you be productive and inspired, and make the most of every day.

Introducing the Swedish concept of Fika.

Get some fika every day 

Fika, in literal terms, is a coffee break. But don’t boil it down to just that, it’s a long-held tradition and a social phenomenon. A retreat from the stresses of everyday life with a focus on the people around you and not on the things that have happened.

It’s a way to refocus when your productivity is slipping. Taking a short break from your dutires can help you stay more focused and be more productive, studies have shown, and although you might be wondering where on earth you’re going to get fifteen minutes out of your day to have a social coffee break and focus on other things, you’ll find that you use your time more wisely after you do, which means you’ll feel like you get more hours in the day.

Can fika make you more productive?

In short, yes it can. Many companies are implementing this ‘fika break’, two or three times a day. It makes employees more productive and efficient because once they have a quick break, they are more productive upon returning to work. There’s a reason why Swedish workers are the least stressed worldwide. In fact, there are a few statistics that might surprise you. Swedish employees have shorter workdays, frequent coffee breaks, and only 1% of them work overtime. And yet, they’re still super productive.

While you’re not about to change your company structure, you might go forward appreciating the productivity boost that a short break can grant you.

Rules for a good fika break

Firstly, leave technology behind if you can. Focus instead on genuine connections with people, talk about something other than work and be truly in the moment. Enjoy your drink (whether it’s a coffee or a cola) and set an alarm for when you should return to thinking about work. You’ll notice that when you get back to your tasks, you can attack them with more vigour.

If you’ve ever found yourself procrastinating or staring at the screen, unable to decide what to do next, you need a fika break. FAST. It’s not a coffee break like we do it, it’s a chance to reset your mind and be present. There’s a reason that our brand new Win At Life Journal allows you to track time spent with friends, family, and outdoors. Social time, and breaks away from your work are so important. According to Nir Eyal, “When we work, our prefrontal cortex makes every effort to help us execute our goals. But for a challenging task that requires our sustained attention, research shows briefly taking our minds off the goal can renew and strengthen motivation later on.”

So, if you want to add a little fika to your day – start tracking it in your Win At Life Journal.



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