3 Free Tools Every Female Entrepreneur Should Be Using To Grow Her Business

Photo via: Collage Vintage

When you’ve become your own boss, you might have a million questions. How do I apply for a business loan? Should I be hiring a personal or executive assistant? Where can I find the raw materials for my product? If you’re just starting out and are in need of some free resources, we here at Career Girl Daily have got your back! You should definitely be checking out…

Your local library

Yes, that building that you once spent the entirety of your student career in still has a lot to offer you! It’s not just great for cheap photocopies and printouts if you don’t yet have your own printer, as an entrepreneur, your drive will only get you as far as your knowledge does. Take some time at home to request books about business strategy, corporation structure and your industry’s jargon on your library’s website; most will put books aside for you to pick up later. Or simply head over to the business and financing section and start leafing through books; you might be surprised about what you didn’t realize that you need to know!


Every business needs start-up capital to get them off the ground, but when you’re first starting out you want to hang onto as much of it as possible. Enter Freecycle: you need a desk? Someone down the street is giving one away. Your sewing machine just busted? There’s a grandmother in your area that’s looking to offload hers. It’s a great way to get the things you need without spending money.


Quora is like a living encyclopedia; you post a question and anyone can answer. This would cause an information overload, but unlike Google or Reddit, the Quora community has been filled with experts; the people whose advice you’re soliciting will name their credentials with their answers. Fellow Quora-ers include Barack Obama, Sheryl Sandberg, and Ashton Kutcher. Questions usually get multiple answers, and even if you’re too shy to post yourself, reading the answers from other people’s questions can be very eye-opening. If you don’t have the Quora app, download it so that you can search answers on-the-go.