Three Personality Tests That Will Help You Find The Right Career

The job market can be tough.There are often many applicants for just the one position.
Even the best resume and rock solid experience won’t guarantee success. What is more difficult is knowing what is the right role/field for you. Apps are amazing and part of everyday life. Most ladies rely on various apps to keep their busy lives on track.  Tests can give us endlessly fascinating insights into ourselves.

Here are our favourite three to give you the edge when it comes to securing that dream role…

#1 Good.Co

This app describes itself as the eharmony of the career world! This very popular and highly rated app is a must have if you are unsure where your passion lies.
It allows users to assess strengths and define interests through a series of psychological quizzes. It is then possible to consider your fit among various companies.


One site worth a visit is This test will give you a unique insight into your interests, goals and objectives. Even better the results will provide you with strategies in how to reach those goals. Definitely worth checking out.

#3 career suits me

This is an online test that will allow you to consider roles that were previously not attractive. The test will firstly ask questions regarding your ideal role. The candidate will be provided a list of statements and asked if they agree or not. The results will indicate personality traits and well suited roles.

There are endless possible career options nowadays. The key is to do want you love and what makes you happy. Personality testing and career apps are an interesting way to guide you on the right path.

By Catherine Murphy


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