Three Things You Should Do In the First 5 Minutes of an Interview

Interviews are your time to shine. They are first impressions that cannot be changed and ultimately make or break whether you’re chosen for a role. It’s the perfect time to put your best face forward and show your potential employers you’ve got what it takes!

Here are three things you should do within the first 5 minutes to turn your potential employer to your current employer:

1. Handshake and eye contact

Shaking hands with your potential employer is really important. And not just any handshake, you have to give a strong handshake—firm, confident and with lots of eye contact. Giving a “limp noodle” handshake comes across as either insecure or arrogant. Give a handshake that leaves a lasting impression.

2. Introduction

When arriving at an interview and your potential employer introduces themselves, it’s important to repeat their name, tell them you’re happy to meet them. This shows that you think they are important, and of course, people like hearing their names. This also shows that you are paying attention.

3. Body language

Make sure you watch your body language, especially in the first few minutes of an interview. This sets the general tone of your personality and lets employers know if you’re friendly, shy, or closed off. It’s usually best to not cross your arms, as this gives up a closed tone. Sit up straight, have your hands on your knees if you want, and always make sure you are smiling. When listening to questions make sure you look engaged and even repeat some questions back to make sure you understand.

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  • Camille Beygui

    Great tips


  • Danielle T

    These are great tips! I really have to work on remembering people’s names faster because it really does make all the difference!

  • Grace

    I just saw an infographic yesterday that said over 60% of people going for an interview don’t meet eye contact! Such an important part of showing respect and making a connection!

    A Millennial Student

  • ventyy

    The second part is very very useful! Saying their name is indeed a game changer, i’ve noticed.

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