When Should You Throw Your Beauty Products Away?

Let’s be honest – we all hold onto beauty products that are probably way past their sell-by date. I’m pretty sure we all have a mascara that we bought three years ago, and seven different foundation shades, just in case we tan differently this summer. However, it’s true that makeup does have a best-before, and it can even be harmful to your gorgeous face if you use an out-of-date product. Therefore, we’ve done some serious research and found out how long you should be keeping that eye-liner for…

For starters, the way you store your makeup is key to keeping your products usable for longer. Brushes should be washed every week, perfume should be kept out of the sun, and liquid products such as foundation and mascara should be kept in a cool place. Makeup reacts to different temperatures so make sure it doesn’t get too hot, or you’ll come home to a puddle of sadness (your melted makeup – boo!).

When using your eye-pencils, as long as you sharpen the pencil every time you use it, it should be safe for up to two years. When it comes to liquid eyeliner and potted eyeliner, these will be good for up to a year, provided you keep them clean and they don’t go clumpy or dry out. Powder shadows, you’ll be glad to know, can last up to two years – not that it lasts that long anyway!


Mascara is a dangerous one – if it’s not disposed of within three months of purchase, you can risk a serious eye infection! As you are putting the wand near (or sometimes, painfully, in,) your eye, the risk of infection is a lot higher than other products like eye pencils and liners. When your mascara dries out, chuck it straight away – don’t try and add water to make it last longer, this is probably the worst thing you can do! You’ll simply have to treat yourself to some new makeup – what a shame! If you really can’t live without your favourite mascara brush, why not clean the wand up and use it on your new mascara or for brushing your eyebrows and eyelashes with oil to promote growth?

The best advice for keeping perfume for the longest amount of time possible is to store your scents out of the sun – this makes them lose their gorgeous scent! Your scent may be timeless, but it will only stay true to its original smell two years after you purchase it!

You know that lipstick that you lost in the bottom of your bag? Well, good news, as it’s good to swipe on for up to two years! You’ll have plenty of time to use up your favourite lippy till it’s all gone!

Shampoo and conditioner are to keep your hair healthy and clean – that’s why you should only keep them in your shower for up to a year – provided one of them doesn’t run out before the other of course! Skin creams, however, are slightly different – anti-aging products, especially if they contain anti-oxidant ingredients like Vitamin C and retinol, only last 6 months. It’s a good idea to keep on top of what is in your skin creams, and use the most natural products on the market – your skin deserves only the best!

Most of us have around three to four shades of foundation (don’t kid yourself ladies!), but keeping these in your makeup drawer for over a year is not the best thing for your skin! Your skin is so important, and after a year, cream-based products such as foundation, primer and cream concealer aren’t good for your skin! Make sure to use them in time!

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