How To Throw A Party Like A Parisian


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“When the Parisian goes out, her goal is to be cool. The coolest.” says Garance Doré in her book LOVE X STYLE X LIFE.

We all want to be cool. The ‘cool girl’ vibe is definitely back on-trend, bomber jackets with patches, silk slip dresses and Tove Lo’s new single ‘Cool Girl’ can seriously attest to that. So if you’re thinking of holding a party or dinner this fall, throw every rule you have out the window and why not try to entertain like a French girl?

1. Don’t plan too hard 
Spontaneous get-togethers are cool. But if you are planning, all you need is space, time and people you love. Don’t bother making seating arrangements or anything so strict, just know where you primarily want people to be and be prepared to encourage small discussions.

French girls usually spend hours prepping things to make them look as effortless as possible (that smokey eye doesn’t happen overnight), so if you want to really wow your guests with a cool gathering, invest in some effortless decor. “Oh, this thing? Just pulled it out of the cupboard.” Take this dinner platter, for example, it’s chic, minimalistic and cool no matter what you serve on it.

2. Add a touch of the unexpected
You need those talking points. The little things that people will talk about for a week or so after your get-together. “I went to a dinner party last week and we all had stones in our drinks instead of ice, it was so weird but cool…” Those little things that puzzle people will have them wondering how you got so ahead of the grain. When did you get so cool? Try it, get some ice stones and stick them in your guest’s drinks. Add to the effect by shrugging and saying you’ve had them forever.

3. Get the menu right 
Like all French gatherings, there must be champagne or wine. The French don’t binge drink, if they get drunk, they leave the party. So they like to stay tipsy, only getting drunk on conversation and culture. Make wine cocktails by adding orange blossom and ice to your wine of choice, and choose a menu that’s quite easy to prepare.

Don’t forget to have a selection of meats, cheeses, and breads to begin with. Olives, camembert, bread sticks, salami, all of this adds to the effortless charm of a French style party.

4. Even your style must be effortless
“Style is all in the attitude,” A Parisian told NYMag. “My hair is not clean and I don’t care about it. But … maybe I have something nice coming from within, and maybe that’s why you think I’m chic.”  There’s a reason why all the most popular clubs in Paris are intimate and smoky. Dress as if you are going there. Jeans, heels, and a great top will set you apart.

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