Tips From Angie Hicks That Every Introvert Can Learn From

large (1)Co-founder of consumer review site Angie’s List, Angie Hicks is a female entrepreneur that we could all do with taking some inspiration from. With a career of great success behind her, it comes as a surprise that she is a known introvert, making her the perfect example of how to achieve success without having an abundance of confidence.

“You learn from people regardless of where you are in your career.”

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in your career or if you have a lifetime of experience, there are always lessons to be learned. This advice applies to everybody, not just introverts, try to take a leaf out of someone else book, and learn how you can better yourself with the knowledge of others.

“My favorite motivators have always been just down the hall.”

Often we look to those who are a big name to gain inspiration. Many people haven’t heard of Hicks, but that hasn’t stopped her from having a lifetime of success. Take little bits of motivation from those around you, and be realistic with the expectations that you set yourself.

“I have to work to stretch outside my natural comfort zone in those scenarios.”

If you are an introvert then it’s likely that many situations that you are placed in during your career will make you uncomfortable. While throwing yourself in at the deep end can seem daunting, you have to be prepared to work in situations that you may not like for you to be able to grow as a person and in your career.

  • camille

    Great post

  • Madison

    This is such a great article, and something I can surely benefit from! Thanks! xoxo

  • Prudence

    Great tips for introverts like myself :)! Thanks for sharing!


  • Cherryl

    Hi there, I’m not trying to be negative but I would like to give some feedback on your post. I’m an introvert, and while reading your article it kind of made me confused. There are a lot of articles out there about introvert and many interpret introverts not accurate (maybe written by an extrovert). Anyway, the misconception here is that introverts are shy and uncertain about themselves which is definitely not true. As I’m ready the explanation of every statement of Angie that is listed in your article, I see the exact same words stand out; “Introverts often doubt their own abilities, and expect failure as a result.” “unsure of yourself” “shy personality”.

    I would say do some research and I would recommend writer Susan Cain. I hope this clarifies things more..

    • Celina

      Hi Cherryl,

      You’re right! I’m an introvert myself and not shy or insecure at all. I’ve changed the article.
      Thanks for the feedback!

      xx Celina

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