Tips And Tricks Every Whatsapp User Should Know

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With the never-ending conversation with your best friend, the group chat that is constantly buzzing and the endless emojis being sent to depict every life event (looking at you salsa dancer and crying-laughing face), it’s hard to remember the days of SMS….

You may be glued to your phone and unable to form full sentences that don’t include emojis,but how many of these hacks do you know?

Shortcut your favorites

If you’re in a never-ending conversation, you can add a shortcut to your home menu meaning you don’t even need to open the app to start yakking. I mean we’re too busy for unnecessary tapping, right?

Hide your ‘last online’

Maybe you’re extra allusive, or maybe you just want to screw with people. Head into ‘privacy settings’ to make your activity private. You can even turn off those revealing blue ticks….

Check the time your message was read

If stalking the delivery status and last online activity isn’t enough for your stalker self, you can long press the message and select ’info’ to discover the time your message was read.

Bookmark your favorite conversations

For those extra entertaining/cute/incrementing messages, you can save them to keep a permanent record. Long press the message to star it – saving you from the infinite-scroll-of-doom.

Free up space on your phone

For all those other not so entertaining/cute/incriminating messages you can edit your settings to free up memory on your phone, leaving more room for selfies/Spotify/Pokemon. Simply flip the switch on ‘save incoming media.’

Discover your Whatsapp best friend

Ever wondered who your best friend on Whatsapp is? Probably not, but if you’re bored you can find out at ‘settings’ > ‘account’ > ‘storage usage.’

Use bold, italic and strikethrough

If no emoji holds the gravitas of your message you can add emphasis using the following hacks…Use asterisks to make a word italic, for example; *hello*, otherwise you can type _hello_ to make bold, or type ~hello~ for strikethrough. Ta-dah!

Find out where your friends are

You can ask your normally late friend for evidence of their whereabouts by getting them to send their location by clicking the icon to the left of the text box. (If you’re the late friend, keep this one to yourself).

Set custom tones

You want a warning tone for your boss/chatty aunt/ex – we get it. Head to ‘options’ > ‘contact/group info’ > ‘custom notifications.’ Voila.


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