Tired? Here’s One Surprising Thing That Can Affect Your Energy Levels

Do you ever have that tired, exhausted feeling? It feels like you don’t have the energy for anything and you just want to stay in bed and sleep for at least ten years! Sometimes you don’t know where this feeling comes from, but it might be your hormones. We’re talking PMS and all those tricky things at play in your body that make  you exhausted without you even doing anything. If your hormones aren’t balanced, it can lead to several malfunctions in your energy levels and mood. I will explain a few hormones and what you can do to keep them balanced.

The perfect balance

You can only function on your best when your hormone levels are in perfect balance. Those are the days when you feel you can handle the world. No task is too much and your productivity is at its best. When you reach the perfect balance it is important to keep it that way. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done because sometimes you don’t even know how your hormones influence your everyday life.


It is no secret that too little thyroid hormone can lead to fatigue. But did you also know that too much thyroid can also cause tiredness? This is a very important hormone and it is important to keep it balanced. A healthy diet and enough sleep will help you to maintain that balance. Also, stress has a huge influence on your thyroid, therefore it is important to schedule some relaxing time.


We all know that sugar rush we get from a fizzy drink, but this energy boost won’t last long. Your insulin hormone gets a boost which gives you extra energy for a while. After the high is over it hits a low and you feel even more tired than before. This leads to an another energy drink and so on. You have to be careful with high sugared food and drinks, if you focus on natural products without refined sugars your energy levels stay much more stable and you will feel so much more energized during the day!


This one is a great one to reduce stress and lower your stress levels. It makes your blood pump faster and gives the brain extra oxygen. All good things so far, but a lot of people have a lack of cortisol in their system. Luckily you can easily fix this with a good cardio workout. Go for a run or try a high-intensity workout on YouTube and you’re back in the game.


If you don’t get enough sleep your melatonin levels will drop and this might lead to stress, weight gain and in some cases even diabetes. Of course, that won’t happen overnight, but sleep is essential. For the melatonin hormone to do its job you need to make your room dark at night. Also, banish all electronics from your bedroom. Staring at your laptop or cell phone right before going to bed has a negative influence on your melatonin levels.

Remember it is always important to have a healthy lifestyle. Eat the right food to nourish your body, work out regularly and make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t be afraid to consult your doctor if you’re tired all the time, too, they’ll be able to help!

By Shelley Beekman

  • Svetlana Holt

    Thanks for sharing! I’m actually struggling with this right now and have made a doctors appointment to try to figure out what it could be – I’ve also heard that anemia can cause you to be tired and previously severely low levels of Vitamin D have been my problem. – Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post ! Thanks for sharing