8 Tools You Need To Take Your Work To The Next Level



Here at CGD, we like to think of ourselves as the career experts. And we’ve got all the answers if you want to take your team to the next level.

For us, our careers are our babies, so we’re always looking out for ways to how to make them better and stronger.

We want to be successful. And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that we’re not able to do it on our own.

And every successful career girl knows she needs the tools to help her be more productive and more efficient when it comes to her work. They are the essential components of her life, which make sure every day is a good day.

So, if you’re looking for tools to take you to the next level, then we’re sharing with you our favorite ones that we just simply cannot live without!


1. Make todos fun:


Trello works similar to Asana in the way that it connects to team together to help them work better as a unit.

It’s absolutely amazing as you can bring your whole company together on one board and link them together. Because truthfully, every section of the company needs to work together and be on the same timeline.

And this tool lets you do that. From scheduling and handling an editorial calendar to tracking sales targets, you’re covered! Get it here.


2. Be the master of Monday again:


Another amazing online source we use is Monday.com, which we find is great for smaller projects and tasks that help you keep on top. It’s perfect for teams. My editor will assign me various tasks under different categories and I can update the status.

The best thing about it is that it’s simple, it’s all on one board, which means everything is in one place. You can add notes, which will allow you to describe and elaborate more on a certain task for your team, to which they can reply to. Get it here.


3. Be more productive:


30/30 is the best app out there that will help you with your productivity. And it’s something we all struggle with.

This app will help you focus on one task at a time at a certain time limit, which it will then prompt you to move on to your next thing.

It’s good for those who spend too long on one task when in reality they should always be started on their next one. Get it here.


4. Share and connect your todos:


Wunderlist is great because it’s a to-do list that can come everywhere with you.

It’s a simple app you download on your phone. And if you have it in work your team can add tasks to certain boards. When you complete a task it’s also a great way of notifying your team too.

But it’s also the perfect personal organizer too. You can share to-do lists with friends, say if you need to pick up groceries on the way home, or just to keep track of your own niggles.


5. Never forget again:

I don’t know about you, but I always have ideas, think that I’m going to remember them and never do.

I always wish I can write it down. And with Evernote, I never forget to.

More than just your conventional note app, this one will let you do handwritten notes if you like to be more traditional and even lets you share your notes with others.

It will make sure your notes and ideas are with you at all times, everywhere you go, keeping them synced to all your devices! Get it here.


6. Keep your team on track:


With Asana, you’ll be able to track and monitor your teams progress with a task. We’ve actually been using Asana since December now and it connects our team easily and helps with communication.

You can assign people tasks and even share tasks and create templates for whatever project you’re working on. It’s the perfect place to bring your team together and set tasks and analyze results. Get it here.


7. Google everything:


Our main trick for working together in the office is using Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides. They’re perfect, especially if you find yourself working in teams a lot.

You can create a doc, a spreadsheet or even a slideshow and then share it with your team. You can decide to let them edit or not edit. But by allowing them to edit, it’s perfect for working together and updating information quickly.


8. Have the right planner:


It’s true, the most traditional and efficient form of organization is using a diary or a planner. This is because it’s also rewarding to tick and cross off something with your to-dos, which you can’t get as easy online.

Here at CGD, we have loads of notebooks and planners for each area. We, of course, have a normal lined notebook for fast, scribbled notes and drawings. But we use more suited planners for our high priority tasks.

And if we were to recommend one, of course, it would be our own. The bestselling Getting Things Done Planner will keep you inspired, allow you to not only plan for the day but look after yourself with the self-care section. You’ll be reminded to drink your daily water intake and keep track of your meals. Get it here.



Do you use any apps that you can’t live without? Tell me below! 



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