Top 10 Gorgeous Greek Islands To Visit

top ten greek islands holiday

We’re dreaming of crystal waters and fine sand, of wandering amongst the amazing architecture and taking hazy holiday snaps while fanning ourselves with a tourist information leaflet.

Hmm, it almost became real for a second then. Until our travelling dreams become real, let’s fantasise over these ten stunning Greek islands.

Top 10 Gorgeous Greek Islands To Visit

#1 Corfu

PHOTO VIA @ The Kill Raghunter

Corfu is an island off Greece’s Northwest coast that features just about everything you might be looking for. From fine sand beaches with shallow waters, to water sports and partying in Cavos, there are also many romantic, idyllic resorts and hotels and a great sense of community and culture.


#2 Delos

The island of Delos is a stone’s throw away from Mykonos and is filled with items of mythological and archaeological significance. Delos is a UNESCO World heritage site due to the sheer amount of intact archaeological finds within the island, beckoning you to walk around and admire the relics of an ancient culture that still stand today. Perfect if you want to have some seriously interesting snaps, and only a boat trip away from Mykonos!

#3 Mykonos

Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island that combines glamour with simplicity, amongst landmarks of cultural and historic significance sit rows of stylish cafés and fashionable stores that just beg you to step inside. Inside ‘Little Venice’ you can walk amongst rows of mansions adorned with colourful balconies, chill at a waterfront café or step out to one of the gorgeous beaches.

#4 Crete

Crete is Greece’s largest island, with amazing beaches and the iconic Mt. Ida, which houses the Ideon Cave (birthplace of Zeus according to Greek mythology). The Cretan diet is one of the most healthy in the world, so don’t forget to sample all the cuisine while you’re visiting the dreamy villages, bustling, vibrant cities and drinking in the culture.

#5 Andros28297504

You’re bound to get an Instagram worthy photo in Andros, aside from the beautiful sandy beaches, the landscape of Andros is lush and green and peppered with rocky coasts and sparkling blue bodies of water. There is a huge amount of history in Andros, from the monastery of Zoodóchos Piyí in Batsí, to the prehistoric and neolithic settlements, complete with cave paintings. There’s also the Museum of Modern Art if you’re looking for some cultural enrichment to go with all your historic findings.

#6 Symi

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Symi is a beautiful island close to Rhodes that boasts of beautiful neoclassical villas that overlook the idyllic harbour. With lovely little restaurants and cafés, an amazing town and a true sense of relaxation, this island is the perfect place to visit for stunning views, incredible beaches and a true sense of rest.

#7 Santorini


Santorini is Greece’s most photographed island, I’m sure. Who hasn’t seen a picture of the iconic white and blue houses clinging to the cliff tops above the sea? Wherever you go in Greece you’re bound to get a dose of history and Santorini is no exception, with incredible Prehistoric cities, still preserved, dotted around the island. There are also gorgeous beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, many tours in operation and even the opportunity to go sailing in the beautiful sea and get a view of the island from below.

#8 Zakynthos



In almost every photo you see, Zakynthos looks so perfect it could almost have been photoshopped, but that’s just how it looks. With silky white sands and calm blue seas, the island is a mix of sun bleached cliffs and beautiful lush green trees. There are a variety of activities you can get stuck into on the island, such as sailing and surfing, as well as an amazing selection of restaurants that cook from ingredients grown in their own gardens. Incredible.

#9 Rhodes

Rhodes is a beautiful island that mixes old culture with new, modern developments. If you’re looking for history and culture a trip to the Medieval Old Town will suffice, or you can visit the modern picturesque City of Rhodes for night life, entertainment and a slice of modern Greek life.

#10 Lefkada

PHOTO VIA @ Tripadvisor

Lefkada almost looks like a Caribbean island, with pure white sand and turquoise sea. There’s plenty to see in Lefkada from natural waterfalls and azure water pools, to chic waterfront cafés and unbelievable archaeological sites. This island is perfect for a quiet getaway that doesn’t sacrifice all the luxuries of modern life.

If you’re looking for gorgeous beaches, amazing cuisine and an incredible mix of cosmopolitan and historical life, these Greek islands are definitely for you.

  • barefoot duchess

    I would also add: Milos, Kefallonia and Skiathos!
    Definitely, check them out before deciding.

    xoxo from Greece =)

  • Serena

    These islands look stunning! I’d love to go to Santorini and Corfu!

  • Bell Santiago

    This makes me want to go to Greece so bad! Lovely photos ♡

  • D

    I would definitely suggest all Ionian islands: Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Corfu, Lefkada, Kithira and Paxoi. From my experience, these are the most beautiful Greek islands, but Aegean islands are gorgeous too, so you’ll have a great time no matter what you choose :)
    If you come to Corfu, ask everyone for a way to go to Rovinia beach. It’s incredibly difficult to reach, but it’s not really crowded and the views are so worth it.
    Kisses from Corfu!

  • Mima Isono

    I’ve Greece in my bucket list like forever now. I can only visit it by next year. Thanks a lot listing down other places than Santorini. The pictures are so gorgeous.

    Mima || Tokyo Blogger

  • Anna

    Milos is a beautiful island with unique beaches. Sifnos is very nice and cozy! And of course Lefkada…with all those gorgeous beaches!

    One note though…the top picture is definitely not Corfu but rather Parga, a city in Western Greece.

  • Helene

    Thank you for your support to my country #Greece!

    • danai

      Κι εγώ κατενθουσιάστηκα όταν το είδα!!! Ελλαδάρα 4 ever!
      Translation: I was so excited too when I saw this article! Greece 4 ever!


    Amazing, amazing, amazing !!! But I’d like to give special recognition to #’s 8 & 10 both now finding themselves on my must visit immediately list !!!!

  • Juliette

    lovely post! Good timing. I am in Samos – Greece right now. It is beautiful & the people are lovely!
    Visit me at:

  • Sabine

    I love Greece, especially the Island Skopelos!

  • Marija

    As i am reading this post i am in Corfu. It really is a beautiful island and tommorow we are taking a boat tour. So excited :-D

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