The 10 Best Cities To Visit In Italie

For many the first thing that comes to mind when Italy is mentioned is food. It is no secret that Italian food is some of the best food you can find, but it’s not just the pizza, pasta and wine that should tempt you to visit Italy.

It boasts some of the world’s most famous cities, filled with art, coastal views and unique culture that will make the good food just feel like an added bonus.

#1 –  Milan

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Love fashion or design? Then Milan is a must-visit for you. Home to the headquarters of many of the most famous fashion brands, it is regarded as the global capital for design, fashion and architecture, making it the perfect getaway if an on-trend break is what you are after.

#2 Venice

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Like Milan, Venice is known for art and architecture and is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With its rich musical and cultural heritage, and small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges, it makes for a luxury destination.

#3 Naples

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Although it has a slightly unloved appearance, Naples is a city with one of the richest histories. The culture is expressed through the sculptures, museums and castles that hold all of the city’s history, but if the culture isn’t tempting enough the culinary should get you there. Renowned for the countries best pizza, pasta and coffee, it offers a taste of Italian food like you’ve never experienced before.

#4 Florence

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Ranked by Forbes as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Florence is a tourist hub. With so much to offer, you’ll be faced with everything you would expect to see from a trip to Italy, at every part of the city you visit. From castles to churches, the views are consistently outstanding and there are plenty of cultures for you to experience.

#5 Verona 

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As the setting for Romeo and Juliet, Verona is the perfect spot for romance and even has a Romeo and Juliet trail. The city holds endless entertainment with opera, theatres and art as well as the culture of smart shops and cafes hidden in medieval lanes.

#6 Parma

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Famous for its ham and cheese, Parma is an ideal location for a real taste of Italy. A well-kept secret in terms of tourism, Parma has plenty to occupy for a few days, making it ideal for a weekend break. Renowned as one of the best places to eat in Italy, it’s every foodies dream and will certainly satisfy the appetite.

#7 Bologna

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As one of the wealthiest cities in Italy, Bologna is often ranked as having the highest quality of life within the country. Being a city of two halves, there is something for everyone, and plenty for all walks of life to experience. With one-half consisting of fine-dining, opera and theatres and the other an edgy city known for it’s gothic fashion and pizza, you are sure to have a varied experience.

#8 Pisa

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Most famously known for it’s leaning tower, Pisa hosts an array of beautiful architecture full of history. If you are looking for a location more dominated by locals, than by tourists, Pisa is definitely for you. With heaps of local bar scenes, that are both vibrant and affordable, you are sure to be in for a more down-to-earth Italian experience.

#9 Turin

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Home to some of the best universities and notable politicians, Turin offers a more prestigious Italian experience. It’s impressive monuments, sites and museums make it an ideal tourist location. And, if this wasn’t enough to tempt you the Torinese are responsible for the world’s first hard chocolate, which makes it a worthwhile visit for all chocolate lovers.

#10 Rome

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Being the city with the largest population, having a global city ranking and owning the spot of being the third most visited city in Italy, Rome is definitely one of the most popular choices for tourists. With classical ruins, quirky shops and a buzzing scene Rome is a perfect match for those who wish to see Italy in its true tourist fashion. With its political and religious centre, Rome is often renowned as being one of the most interesting places to visit, offering plenty to see and a great opportunity to learn.