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Top 10 Luxurious Places In Europe You Need To Visit


Well we all have these dreams to travel around the world visiting the most stunning places, we might not be able to afford this at the moment but after hustling we’ll be able to travel wherever we want. So for now we use this dream as motivation and another reason why we have to make it to the top.

#1 – Oia
Oia is a little city in Greece and probably the most Instagramed travel destination. You can watch the most beautiful sunsets over the fancy little white houses with their adorable blue roofs and you’re life will feel absolutely fabulous.

#2 – Zurich
Zurich is an insanely beautiful city in Switzerland. They have the most amazing restaurants around the lake with a breathtaking view and especially beautiful shopping streets.

#3 – Salzburg
Salzburg is a wonderful city in Austria. It has a special charm that is really hard to contain in words, I think the really old beautiful castles make the perfect flair, Karl Lagerfeld chose a castle in Salzburg for his Métiers d’Art show – so if the King himself chose it, we should travel there. But best you find out yourself.

#4 – Vienna
Vienna is another charming town in Austria. To get there you should definitely rent a car in Salzburg and then drive to Vienna, you’ll see the best of nature, tons of old castles and random little waterfalls popping up, which are frozen and the winter – winter wonderland.

#5 – Sylt
Sylt is the most luxurious island you can ever think of in northern Germany. Louis Vuitton even has their own Kampen (a place on Sylt) collection of the neverfull bag, I think that pretty much sums up how luxurious Sylt is.

#6 – Lech
Lech is your number one luxurious skiing destination. The high society of Germany and everybody else who can afford it is going skiing in Lech. You can expect the best After-ski parties here, where only the most expensive champagne bottles are getting popped.

#7 – Munich
Munich is like the luxury capital of Germany, together with Frankfurt am Main which is like a mini New York. Everything is put into looks, going out and having fun – obviously documented on Instagram.

#8 – Cannes
Most of us probably just know Cannes from the amazing red carpet events, but it isn’t film festival season all year long. It has the most amazing restaurants with sea view, you go everywhere by boat – ahhhh it’s just a dream. And not that full when you travel outside festival season.

#9 – the big ones
Paris, Milan, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam the list could be endless, obviously those big cities are extremely luxurious but also extremely well known. So you’ll find tons of tourist and it’s way harder to find cute little insider spots. But they owned at least one spot on this top 10 list.

#10 – Lake Como 
Last but definitely not least Lake Come. This isn’t a city but it’s definitely one of the most beautiful, luxurious and unique places you’ll ever see. Make sure to rent a boat and explore all the beautiful estates, you can basically look into George Clooney’s backyard. And George isn’t the only VIP, Michael Schumacher and endless other celebrities love Lake Como for a reason. And make sure to stop in Bellagio and take a walk through the lovely streets. I truly love Lake Como as my family had an apartment there for the last 16 years I consider myself as an insider. If you have any questions about it leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them the best I can.

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Benita is a young Fashion lover from Germany. She believes that hard work and passion will always lead to success. To find out more about her you can visit her fashion and travel blog "Flying to style" here


  1. LisaLDN says

    Lake Como har been at the top of my list for so long! Also worth mentioning is Monaco and Montenegro, I think :)

  2. Fredericke says

    Good suggestions, i grew up in austria and lived 5 years in Rome, now in LA, I have seen all the places you mentioned.. many times! I still think Venice is the best of all, regardless how many times one has seen it. It takes my breath away every single time.. just saying :)

  3. Kasee says

    Hmm I think it is interesting. I visited Germany this spring and I was realy impressed with it. I used for some instructions and there I found a lot of new places of interest, which were new for me.

    • Benita Ilgenstein says

      You can get to Bellagio by ferry, which you can take from Como or Menaggio. Another way is to catch a water taxi. For restaurant tips I highly recommend Pizzeria Lumin. It might not be the met luxurious one but you’ll catch the true Italian feeling and the stuff there is especially nice. For an Italian bar I recommend the one on the left of Menaggio’s big piazza, there is no better place to enjoy a cappuccino.

  4. Sammie says

    These are defiantly places I would love to visitIn a few weeks i’m travelling to Italy and visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona and Milan and a trip to Naples and Cinque Terre which looks stunning.

    Paris and Chicago are the top of my travel list too.


    Little Blonde Life – Lifestyle Blog 

  5. planning a trip to italy says

    WOW!!! A world of information. Love to have stumbled upon your blog :)

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