The Top Paying Careers Of 2016

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Career satisfaction is high on our agenda. But let’s face it, the bills need to be paid. Our shoe obsession and coffee addiction also needs to be paid for! That’s why it’s important to know your worth and can be interesting to know if your career field is on course for being a top payer. Here is a list of the top paying careers in 2016 along with a brief description. Check them out and maybe you will spot something of interest.

#1 Medicine

Careers in the medical field pay big bucks. Various specialties from Surgeons to General Practitioners are high ranking in the pay scale. With the responsibility of the health and well-being of others to consider, no wonder the pay is so good. Medicine is a difficult career to get into, and you should know, it’s not easy. It’s best to only consider medicine if it’s a passion of yours already because the hours are long and the rewards are often little!

#2 CEO’s

This is hardly a surprise. The media is full of stories of highly paid chief executives. To be a top rate CEO, you need to put in years of hard work and dedication. Commanding respect from the organisation and smart thinking are necessary for CEO’s. You can always create your own company and give yourself the position, but it will take time for you to grow to a point where your business pays you a great wage!

#3 Architectural and Engineering Managers

This role is possibly not as well known as others. In this job important decisions are made regarding products, designs and projects. If you consider this career you must be analytical, smart and can solve a problem in a heart beat.

#4 Marketing Managers

Communication and management are the required skills to be successful in this role. Successful individuals analyse market trends, come up with marketing strategies and think of unique ways to deliver messages to customers.

These are 4 unique career areas that are really worth considering. If you are unsure about the work the training and job prospects there is a lot of information out there so take some time grab a coffee and get planning!

By Catherine Murphy

  • dreamofadventures

    wow I was a little surprise to see architectural manager but the economy is doing so well in the US and there are cranes all over chicago

  • Aleeha

    I would love to have a career in medicine and possibly have a job as a GP, but I know it’s a lot of work! Whatever happens, I’ll try my best and if not I’m sure there’s another career out there that i’ll love!
    Aleeha xXx

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