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Apps are a great way to engage with social media, plan your schedule, kill time and sometimes they can even help you earn some extra bucks – to find out more read this article. But there are apps that can also help boost your brainpower and help you deliver tasks much faster. While you might not become smarter in a day, you might actually see an improvement in the way you work or even get a better control over your emotional states. So why not give these life-changing apps a shot?



Elevate is a brain training programme designed to improve focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills and much more. Despite being launched in May 2014 (it was selected by Apple as 2014 App of the year!), it is constantly updated and improved. According to its founders, users who train at least 3 times per week have reported dramatic gains and increased confidence. With Elevate, you can personalize your own game-based training programme that will adjust over time according to your performances. Here are some more life-saving apps for any Career Girl!

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Nope, it has nothing to do with the much loved Uber App, but if you are a fan of words this is the app you have been looking for! Uberwords is indeed the perfect way to help you boost you anagram and word-building skills. With up to 30 levels per pack, realize how much of a word genius you really are! Get more fun out of life with our pick of apps in this article!



Developed by a team of scientists and game designers, Lumosity is one of the best-known brain training apps out there. With over 50 cognitive games, which aim to challenge your memory and attention span, but also target other cognitive skills, they all adapt to your unique performances to bring you the best results. To help set (and keep) to your goals, you could try out these apps? Over 70 million people have subscribed to Lumosity. Will you join them?

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