How To Train Like A Victoria’s Secret Angel


The Victoria’s Secret Show has come to an end, and already Kendall Jenner has posted snaps of herself and Gigi Hadid eating like monsters. It must feel so good after all that training to actually enjoy a burger and fries!




As always, people were talking about the insane figures of the angels – and wondering, how do they do it? Besides being in the gym five days a week, there are a couple of things they’ve revealed to us mere mortals!



10KM Run followed by stretching…

If it seems a bit hardcore, that’s because it is. Obviously, nobody can start with 10KM, so it’s wise to start alternating between running and walking. Iza also shared her boxing, pilates, and beach workouts on Instagram. Hard work seriously pays off. Motivating!




Weights and balance…

Sara Sampaio uses weights to train her arms while working on her balance. It’s quite an achievement and shows how much dedication the VS Angels put it before their big shows! You can easily do this at the gym or at home with the right equipment. Anyone tried this on a sofa yet?


Legs, arms, and abs…

Josephine Skriver also filmed her intense looking workout regime. Using one of these balance boards helps strengthen your arms, while you alternately work on your leg muscles. The good thing about this type of exercise is that you seriously feel the burn and know you’re training like an angel!




Ready to start training like an angel? I’m seriously motivated right now…


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  1. I can’t imagine how long it’d take me to get to the point where I can run 10km. Wish I never gave up three years ago when I was on a roll. Now I can only run 3k!
    – Charmaine

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