Transform Your Mornings With This 6 Step Routine



Mornings are tough. Getting up and starting your day earlier is great for your productivity, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard. I struggle with mornings as much as the next girl, but the reality is we’re all up before eight (or should be).It’s very easy to let mornings pass you by in a mist of coffee steam and shower sprays, barely even talking until lunch! But never fear, there are six nifty steps to get you through even the bleakest daybreak! The “Miracle Morning“ could be the answer to transform your mornings.


S is for silence

I know it well, it’s six o’clock and you’re awoken by that pesky alarm, very tempted to hit snooze at least five times before even moving! Don’t do it! Sit yourself up and spend at least five minutes in silence.

Meditate, pray, breathe deeply or just enjoy the serenity of soundlessness. Whatever works for you is good as long as it’s done in silence. The idea is to empty your mind and block out all the chatter and anxiety of yesterday, entering the present with only calm, focused thoughts and replenished mental resources.


A is for affirmations

Everyone needs external encouragement, it’s hugely motivating. But considering we’re our own worst critics, it’s rare that we take the time to stop and praise our own achievements.

Take this time in the morning to recognize all you’ve accomplished and pep talk yourself up to challenges of the coming day. Look at how far you’ve come and how much promise you have! Whether you need to see yourself in the mirror or run through them while you’re making your breakfast, it’s important to get into this habit.

Affirmations allow us to rewrite our subconscious. We all need to feel good about ourselves, so be your biggest cheerleader! It will help you overcome your fears and live out your purpose. Positive self-awareness is neither silly nor vain but integral to a happier, healthier mind.


V is for visualization

Visualization helps us to map out our future and see our goals as if we have already reached them. Imagine yourself doing each thing, step by step, that you need to do you accomplish your goals. If you can see it as a reality, then with work and determination it can be just that!

Finally, imagine what it’ll feel like once you have succeeded. This will help to pull you out of any self-doubt or negative feelings and motivate you to take on the day, positively and with passion.


E is for exercise

Now you’re in a calm and positive frame of mind, you need to awaken your body. I’m not talking full gym class and powerlifting. If you’ve got the time for that, brilliant but for most of us, that just isn’t a reality!

Instead, aim to do a few stretches, some light cardio or yoga. Be kind to your body when easing out of your sleep. You can spend as long as you have time to spare on this task, but try to exercise for at least 10 minutes to get your oxygen and endorphins flowing!

Not only will this re-energize and get you moving earlier than you would have, but it’s an accomplishment already ticked off your to-do before the clock’s struck eight!


R is for reading

Reading is so important for your brain and mental stimulation. It can fill you with positive thoughts and ideas on how to improve yourself and increase your focus and concentration.

You don’t have to spend ages doing it, five minutes is plenty of time if you need to get moving and the material is completely your choice.

I benefit from reading inspirational quotes or biographies of people I admire in the mornings. It conditions my mindset for the rest of the day and teaches me the knowledge of people who have accomplished what I wish to achieve.


S is for scribing

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Eight o’clock is rapidly approaching and look at what we’ve already achieved! By now you should be fully energized, mentally and physically, but there is one more task yet to do.

Writing or journaling is a great way to process your thoughts and reflect on your life. Allowing you to be more self-aware and articulate, it also actively engages your thoughts and helps you to localize your goals! Even if you’re not much of a writer, mind maps or drawings are just as good! Treat yourself to a Getting Things Done planner and fill it in every morning. Use it as a reminder during periods of self-doubt to see how far you’ve come!

From the dreary-eyed, roll-out-of-bed-into-the-nearest-clothes rush to the positive and relaxing me-time we all deserve, the SAVERS acronym reminds us of rituals that can improve our routines before eight o’clock.

Each step shouldn’t take a lot of time to complete, but can get you into the right frame of mind for a happier, productive and great day!


Any tips on how you transformed your mornings? Let us know in the comments section below



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