The Best Travel Locations Of 2016 Perfect For A Career Girl Getaway

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The New Year is the perfect time for making plans. A fresh start is a reminder of everything that you want to do in life, and there’s no better way to embrace it than to travel. But with a whole world out there, it can be daunting when it comes to knowing where to start.

Hopefully this list of the latest travel trends will help you to find what’s best for you, and exactly what you can’t afford to miss out on. Also we share an amazing list with the best websites to book your upcoming holidays.


Everyone knows that the only reason to travel is to be able to fill your Instagram with adorable animals, right? Dubbed as being “wild Africa”, Botswana offers plenty of animals, giving you the true traveling experience that you imagine, or at least the Instagram that you do.


For a real chance to put that GoPro you got for Christmas to use, Palau is for you. Mostly made up of beautiful oceans, it’s the perfect location to offer plenty of diving and snorkelling opportunities. Sandy beaches and crystal clear oceans, any water babies will never want to leave this place.


Home to white sandy beaches, impressive ready-to-explore mountains and an abundance of nightclubs and cabaret shows, Cuba offers just about everything you are promised a traveling experience will have. Up and coming, it’s the place to get to before everyone else does. And, if that wasn’t enough to convince you, Chanel is taking its runway there, so it must be cool.


If you want to travel but are scared of experience too far from the life you lead, Miami is a great alternative. While the beaches are bound to be more glamorous than the ones you are used to, the arty buildings and fashionable nightclubs can offer a culture that you are much more likely to be familiar with.

Hainan Island

A tropical Island off of China’s coast, this is another location that will be exactly what you imagined you would see when planning to travel. Beaches, volcanoes, temples and local villages will make up your gallery here, and you may even be lucky enough to really fulfil your travels and have a monkey feature too.


Australia’s “second city” is a must-see for travellers, especially if you are braving it alone. An ideal location that could easily become a home away from home, you may find you never want to leave. The art scene, food, beer and coffee can offer you everything you love, just with the added bonus of warmer weather to go with it.

With the right amount of consideration and planning travelling can offer so much more than a chance for you to gain Instagram fame.

Ps. A great list of the best websites with the best deals to book your vacation:

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Where are going this year? Let us know.

  1. I actually live in Botswana, and its wonderful if you just want to kick back and relax. If you are lucky enough to explore different parts of the country your heart will want to stay here. If anyone needs any details or travel advice about Botswana, just let me know <3

    PS: i love this post. Thanks Career Girls

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