This Girl Made A Living Traveling The World And Here’s How You Can Too



Just before her 26th birthday, Nina Ragusa landed in Bangkok, Thailand. Five years later, she has only been back to her home in the US twice. How did she afford it? Smart money management. In an article on Business Insider, she told them that all it takes is a plan and the will to work.

Before she left, she decided to get smart and work for it. She worked for two years and saved $16,000, using $10,000 of it to pay off credit-card bills and repay her $30,000 student loan. So if you want to travel and are in debts and fighting off student loans, it’s time to get serious about money and save, save, save!

photo: Nina Ragusa

When she arrived in Bangkok in 2011, she had $6,000 in her pocket and had got a TEFL certification so she could teach abroad to make money.

“I’m not rich, but I definitely want to stay longer than a couple of weeks, longer than a few months. I decided to teach English so I could make money while living abroad and traveling.”

In 2012 she was teaching English online and freelance writing, showing the power of the internet when you want to travel! “I learned that even if you’re not sure how something is going to go down if you keep searching, take risks on what you go for, and make a solid effort, you can really make something happen,” she said.

“I attempt to get around in another language, I buy my food from the markets, get around on interesting modes of transportation, meet new people, experience the culture, see something breathtaking, amazing and/or incredible, have a beer, and wake up to do the same the next day.” Umm…dream life, right?


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Her long-term goal is to live on all seven continents. And she isn’t put off by the money situation, while she was in South East Asia she earned $1,000 to $2,000 a month, and restricted herself to living on $700 a month or less. Shows what you can do when you have a passion.

Would you ever travel the world? Read the full article here.

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