Travel tips: Affordable adventures for career girls

We all like to dip our toes in the sea and quench our thirst for travel by jetting off on a holiday, but finding affordable tickets and lodgings can be near impossible. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to low cost travel, and finding the best one is often a task in itself. Nobody wants to spend their travel planning hours buried under hard to navigate websites, so let us take the stress out of planning a break and check out our tips for finding affordable tickets and great hotels.

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#1 STA Travel
STA Travel is a good hub for finding discounted travel locations and hotels, they often organise 18-30 tours and can help you plan to work abroad if you’re looking for a lengthier break.

#2 Last minute bookings
Not the best for a well-planned trip but great for spontaneity, websites dedicated to last minute bookings can save you money in the long term, check out sites like Lastminute for great last minute rates.

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#3 Groupon and Wowcher
Sites like Groupon and Wowcher that are great for vouchers and discounts are also surprisingly great for hotels and holiday deals. Sign up and check out destinations and breaks and prepare to be surprised by the prices. You could get up to 80% off travel and tickets!

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#4 Offline
Another good tip is to visit a few travel agents and do things the old fashioned way. Often it’s better to talk face to face to someone and explain your budget and ideal destination, you might be surprised by the brochures and deals you could get. Just be sure to check online too to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

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#5 Members Only
Some sites require an email sign up to gain access to the best deals, Secret Escapes and Voyage Privé are some examples, and once you’ve completed the sign up forms you have access to their flash sales that often  have 70% off!

#6 Private browsers
It’s no secret that flight comparison sites increase their rates depending on the amount of time you click back on them, so it’s always best to search in an incognito tab or a private browser to make sure your rates aren’t rising.

These tips can save you tonnes of money, and it’s always good to compare your dream destination with other sites and travel agencies! Now go out there and see the world without worrying about breaking your bank! Meanwhile, don’t forget to enter our amazing Kenzo giveaway and follow us on Twitter and Bloglovin! X

  1. I’d add just making sure you’ve done your homework. There are literally millions of travel blogs that will give you advice on specific destinations so that you know you’re getting the best deal.

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