6 Of The Best Treatments That Will Repair Split Ends


Everyone’s hair is different, so don’t hate yourself because you haven’t got luscious hair that does what you want it to. So, if you’re currently stuck in splitsville and worried that losing a few inches is the only solution – stop! No one wants to lose their length, especially when it takes so long to get! But you don’t have to, the battle against damaged hair can be won through other means:

1. Coconut Oil for everything 

Now it’s probably no news that Coconut is amazing for your hair and split ends! You definitely didn’t hear it here first, but Coconut oil just tends to be brilliant for everything! And Herbivore’s Sea Mist is perfect for regenerating your hair. This mist is perfect for summer, as it just makes your hair already look and feel beachy naturally! Keep your hair balanced and silky and buy it here.

2. Use your shampoo & conditioner properly

Shampoo is for cleaning your hair, so make sure you’re only cleaning your roots and let your ends experience second-hand suds! The conditioner is for the ends. The fact your hair is looking greasy the second day could also be because you used conditioner on your roots. When your conditioner is on let it soak! If your hair feels really damaged, use a leave in conditioner. Living Proof’s Restore Perfecting Spray is our favorite because it suits all hair types and won’t weigh your hair down while it repairs and restores it. Buy it here.

3. Once a week repair your hair

Hair masks really work, and it only takes finding the right one to change your mind. Ouai is one of the masters of the hair mask, along with everything else hair. Founded by our fave Jen Atkin, every product they make has instant results. This hair mask will change the way you feel about your hair, particularly if you think you can never change the way it looks. Buy it here.

4. Why not try an oil?

Now, when my hairdresser handed me a bottle of Morrocan oil Treatment Oil, I knew that I had found a product that would protect me from the scissors for a little longer! Perfect for dry hair that just feels broken, the oil will strengthen your hair whilst making it shine! I can’t live without it and either can your split ends! Buy yours here.

5. Moisturize your hair

No, I’m not crazy…on top of moisturizing your face, you’ve got to moisturize your hair too! Yup, your hair is exposed to everything your face is, so stop neglecting those lovely locks! Think about it, pollution, dirt, products, it all builds up! This moisturizing cream is a must-have. It’s a leave in conditioner that heals your split ends and even offers heat protection. Buy yours here.

6. Seal & Heal

Living Proof is haircare that really works. Fresh Cut Split End Mender is a must-have if you struggle with split ends badly, the kind that not even a fresh cut can fix! It’s a lightweight lotion that aims to keep your hair looking like it’s just been freshly cut. It targets split ends and closes them, whilst layering a conditioner to keep the strands sealed! Buy yours here.

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    I love hair care! It’s crazy with the amount of products that you can use. My favourite thing to do is to really pack on coconut oil in my hair and also put on conditioner (yes just regular conditioner) and let it sit in my hair overnight. The next morning, it’s super soft!


  • Sarah

    These tips are spot on :) I had such damaged hair a few years ago and these rules are what got my hair to finally grow. Love the moisturiser for hair and the sea mist looks amazing. Ive started to combine my leave in conditioner and heat protection spray to give it extra TLC day to day. Great post xx


  • Viola

    One word for this post is “YES” !!!!!!! I love my hair, I love to take care of my hair and I just love taking care of my body in general, every part of our body is very important and I think we don’t pay enough attention and care for our hair and just shampoo-condition, but these tips are live!!

    VIOLA WIN | Beauty & Fashion Blog

  • Maria Persson

    I’m really bad at taking good care of my hair at the same time as I am guilty of colouring my hair too much. This post really is making me more excited about looking into the best treatments for my hair to make it more happy again.