5 Treatments That Will Give You Perfect Hair In An Instant



If there’s one thing we’re all dying to know it’s how to get perfect hair in an instant! And I know I’m not alone when I say that I’ve tried a lot of hair products that do just this! But, if there is one thing my years as a beauty editor has shown me, it’s that whilst there are a lot of products out there and only a few of them actually do the job. And in a world where every woman wants perfect hair, it’s only right to share with you the treatments that will save your hair and give it that celebrity looking shine!

1. For those split ends:

OUAI Treatment Masque $32 available here

Split ends happen and if you don’t get regular haircuts you’re not doing your hair any favors, but when you have no time to get your nails done, let alone your hair done then there is only one thing for it; a treatment mask. And it will save your hair and your life! OUAI are masters in all things hair care and this mask is specially formulated to repair damaged hair in minutes! Meaning your strands will be silky smooth and healthy once again! Buy it here.


2. Give your hair some moisture:

Morrocanoil Intense Hydrating Mask $16-35 available here

There’s nothing better you can do for your hair than using a hair mask. It really is one of those at home remedies that will really do amazing things to your hair. Every now and then, I always treat myself to hair a mask just to give it that boost it really needs to shine. And a hydrating mask will do exactly that for you. It’s perfect for hair that needs that extra bit of conditioning as it’s infused with argan oil, which will really give you that intense hydration! Buy yours here.

3. Boost shine:

Morrocanoil Treatment $34 available here

If there’s one thing we all suffer from it’s getting our hair to shine from dusk till dawn, and when you live in rainy London this can be a bit of a task! But weather conditions aside, if there’s one treatment your hair needs its Morrocconoil. I can’t go on about it enough. Recommended to me by my hairdresser years ago, it has now become an essential in my beauty routine. Infused with Argan oil it will not only make your hair shinier but silkier and tamed! Buy it here.

4. Get silky smooth:


Bumble + Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil $40 available here 

Silky smooth hair is the end goal – you know you’ve got great, healthy hair when it’s soft to the touch! And it’s the look we all desperately want to achieve and we can wit this oil that comes celebrity and hair stylist recommended. Making your hair nice and shiny is only a number of things that it can do, it also works to protect your hair from heat, strengthens hair from breakage, makes it shine and even has anti-frizz powers! Buy it here.


5. Say goodbye to frizz:


OUAI Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets $18 available here

Frizzy hair haunts us all, especially when your hair is freshly washed! And usually applying oils to tame and control means we ruin our bouncy, fresh hair by greasing it up with oil! Well, no more – because OUAI has some anti-frizz sheets that will solve all of that. You’ll get 15 sheets in a cigarette carton like pack that will banish frizz and makes your hair soft and silky smooth! Buy yours here.


Which products really work with your hair? Do you have a favorite?



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