This Trick Will Boost Your Energy In 60 Seconds

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Are you in a slump after a long week of work? Do you need a quick burst of energy without having to fumble around for supplements? Relax, Career Girl Daily has found yet another quick fix that you can include easily into your daily routine. And guess what it is?Pickles.

Before this discovery, I usually found myself peeling them away from my burgers. But now I know that they flood the brain with oxygen, makes them taste even more delicious. Eating pickles for instant energy? I can deal with that.

The good stuff

Pickles also improve your intake of B vitamins. Friendly bacteria, like those that live in your large intestine, can proliferate in pickle juice and produce vitamins, like B-12. Vitamin B-12 has many functions, but it’s required for efficient digestion and it stimulates metabolism. Vegan diets can sometimes lack in B-12 so pickling may be a great solution to ensuring you get all your vitamins in! Pickles are high in fiber which is great for digestive health and fighting cancer! The cucumbers and other vegetables that pickles are made from, also contain antioxidants, which fight free radicals. They can be a good source of calcium, magnesium, and iron. Acetic acid is known to increase metabolism which in turn will help you lose weight. Who’d have thought all that could come from a humble pickle!

But how?

UCLA researchers have uncovered that the combination of crunch, salt and vinegar will wake up your senses. Sixty seconds after your senses reawaken your brain function restarts on a mission. The effects this has on your brain brings new meaning to food for thought. When your brain is active, and working better you will find you’re more ready to tackle the day. But the power of pickles doesn’t just end here, it only begins…

If you’re the busy Career Girl that also likes to work out, pickles are amazing for boosting your energy during and after workouts. Rich in electrolytes, your glycogen levels will rocket due to the vinegar inside! Major athletes will already know that drinking pickle juice is perfect alleviating cramps! But it’s not just for working out, so if you find yourself hitting a wall at your desk, turn to the pickle!

Next time you’re feeling tired or drained, get some pickles in you! As long as you’re not eating them with a cheeseburger, your energy levels will be where they need to be!


They’re i-dill for anyone, what do you think?

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  • Hillary Flinn

    No way! I never would have guessed… Hungry for a pickle now. 🥒 Do you have a link to the research, Joanna? Looks interesting!

    Hillary |

  • Sheriden

    I would have never known that one of my favorite guilty pleasure snacks was actually a natural energy booster. Ayyye, I’m one step ahead of the game!

  • Natalie Apaez

    Wow!!! Now I will be eating pickles instead of the 3rd cup of coffee!!!


  • mrsbicycle

    This explains my husband! I’ve got to take a note from his book and get to munching on some pickles! I can deal with this.