Detox Your Skin With This Organic Face Mask

How hard is this season going to be on you? I mean, you’re supposed to be having a break but the chances are there will be children running amok, pets curled up under your feet, elderly relatives pinching your cheeks and a few tantrums about gifts at some point, not to mention partying with your girlfriends and having one too many mulled wines around the dinner table, it’s easy to feel like you haven’t had a chance to relax, so you need a spa experience you can do in your own home. ‘Shut out the noise, put on some chilled music and make a date with the TruSelf Organics Detoxifying Mask Kit.

Your skin (and your mind and body) will need a little pick-me-up and this kit is the perfect way to do it, it contains everything you need to prepare your mask (bowl, cute little spoons and an applicator) so you can feel very important and luxurious as you whip up your totally natural detoxifying mask.

When you mix the Detoxifying Solution and Detoxifying Mask together you’ll get an acid-based fizzy reaction that will draw out dirt and toxins, which removes make-up, clears blemishes and detoxifies pollutants, plus it has healing powers to help scrub away dead skin and treat spots. Once applied, all you need to refresh yourself before another family appointment (or party) is a delicious cup of herbal tea, your favourite magazine and a great movie. Phew.

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