Hilarious Truths Every Procrastinator Will Recognize


Ellenice Campbell


How many times have you had a paper or a project and left it to the night before? It’s something we all do, and we think it’s a trait we should squirrel away and be ashamed of. Don’t worry if you’re a procrastinator, Tim Urban did his 90-page thesis in 72 hours. That’s a new level of procrastination.

In this hilarious TED talk, Tim tries to explain what goes on in the inner workings of a procrastinator’s mind and then illustrates the importance of realizing what you’re actually missing out on doing.


His TED talk is a pleasure to watch, because he’s effortlessly funny, and as you’ll understand after watching the video, although the ‘Instant Gratification Monkey’ tries to take over and ruin your productivity, let the ‘Rational Decision Maker’ keep control of the wheel; that way, you’ll never have to see the ‘Panic Monster’, and you will be able to slay whatever project you happen to be working on.


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Kaitlin Marks


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  • Camille Beygui

    Awesome post

  • Elishia Chave

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s brilliant! The irony is I’m totally procrastinating right now…


  • Viva la Dolce

    Love this piece! Especially the point about the 90 boxes – so true! Great post! :)

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