Take Notes: How to Turn Negativity Into Positivity

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Negativity, although unavoidable, sometimes turns out to be a great teaching tool that can influence and change us in an amazing way. In every aspect of life, from work to home, there’s the possibility of some kind of ‘hater’ or negative experience, but there is also the possibility of a lesson to be learned about yourself and the world.

Understanding and accepting that negativity will happen is important, and learning that how you react to negativity can alter many things about people’s opinions and respect for you, especially since it can help you to make better, calmer choices in dealing with and coping with people and experiences that try to sap your positive energy. Read on for ways to not only cope with negativity, but also for how to turn negativity and negative experiences into something positive and life changing.

Accept that negative experiences are going to happen, and not everyone is going to love you or love everything that you do.

Sometimes, even though you are a terrific person with unique goals, dreams, ideas and morals, there are going to be people that simply don’t like you. They may simply make negative comments, give dirty looks, or worst of all, try to make sure that you are not successful. The best way to heal this is to accept it. Trying to please everyone is an impossible mission, and if you know this, you can freely be you and the good-minded people will come right to you.

Find a lesson in everything.

It’s insanely difficult to follow the old adage, “Look at the bright side”, but revamping that motto for a slightly less unattainable goal is a way to ease into finding that rare bright side. Finding a lesson, something to learn and become better from, allows you to not only transform the negativity into positivity, but also to take something away from the experience other than heartbreak and a lack of confidence.

Concentrate on the good in your life, and let the bad go.

This is perhaps the hardest tip of all, but mastering it frees up a lot of your head space for happiness. Why is this such a hard thing to do? For me personally, it’s because I’m pretty anxious, and worry a lot, and when something goes wrong, I turn it over and over and over in my head trying to figure out why and how. But on the occasions that I let it go, I immediately feel the weight lifted and the ability to focus on the beautiful, good moments returns.

One way to do this that is really helpful is to journal. This method of journalling doesn’t take a lot of time, but on bad days, it requires a lot of thought. Either right when you get home, or before bed, settle down and write down at least 3 good, or amazing, things that happened during the day. When you’re sad or feel like your life is terrible, look back over the journal filled with amazing, happy things big or small.

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A sprinkle enthusiast, book fanatic, and lover of puppies and movies, Kaitlin is an American who is a kid at heart. She can usually be found doing homework, writing, or baking. She wants to be a pediatrician when she gets older, and loves volunteering.

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