This Is How To Turn Your Weekend Into A Mini-Retreat

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Wellness weekends have been big for a while now. Go for a mini weekend retreat somewhere luxurious and peaceful and restful – get some sleep, do some yoga, eat healthy food, be worry-free. But with some wellness weekends selling at $1,000, it’s not feasible for all of us…

So we give you the perfect ‘at-home’ wellness weekend guide! There’s no need to put yourself out of pocket with this one.

A little planning is in order.

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Get your planner out and see when you’ve got a free weekend coming up. Now, block off those days! Treat it as if you’re going away, so you’re unavailable for anything that isn’t giving you joy. You’re out of the country, for all intents and purposes. 

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Make your menu.

What treatments are you having at your dream weekend retreat? Create a wellness menu that you stick to, and remember you aren’t allowed any technology. Giving yourself a tech-break is important.

Try to include things like walks, creating a vision board, writing in a gratitude journal. You can use tech if it helps you, for example, HeadSpace to meditate or a yoga app to help you do 30 minutes of yoga.

I like to do one mini-retreat a month. I usually start with morning yoga and make sure I’ve stocked up on all the things I’ll need to give myself a break. The best time to do it is at the end of the month, but you don’t need to go wild. A morning tea is essential, but hot water and lemon or a detox juice is fine.

30 minutes of journaling or vision boarding might seem like a lot, but I always go over this amount. I sit at the desk and give myself time to be creative and try to be mindful. When it’s done I usually reward myself with a bath or a detoxifying treatment. Amazing!

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Plan Your Weekend.

Just like you might get at a retreat, create a schedule for your weekend. Plan every activity and every meal! What time will you be doing your morning yoga? What time will you be having breakfast? Type up your schedule and then print it out and stick it somewhere visible in your home.

Prepare Meals.

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Make things as easy as possible for yourself by planning your meals and prepping as much as you can. Don’t use ready-meals though! As fresh as possible is key.

A good idea could be having a ‘juice detox’ weekend – two juices, two times day. You can prepare them both first thing in the morning, and all you need to do is prepare the ingredients ready for blending!

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