The TV Shows Everyone Is Talking About Right Now

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I get most of my show recommendations by word of mouth these days. If everyone is talking about it, chances are I’m gonna give it a go. It’s great to have something in common with the girls in the office, and our tastes in TV shows are quite varied. These are the shows you might have missed, but you definitely need to catch up on. The ones that everybody is talking about…


Stranger Things

Ugh, where can I even start with this show? Winona Ryder? Massive throwbacks? Amazing child actors? Scary monster things and weird goings on? The whole show is just perfect. It’s like watching a movie from back in the 80’s, with a modern audience in mind. And at the end, you’re just yearning for more because the character development is so good. Everybody has been talking about it because it’s amazing.


Gilmore Girls 

Most people are obsessed with Gilmore Girls. I’ve never seen it, so I’m looking forward to binge watching it before the new four-part season comes out. But, yes, everybody is losing their minds over this new season. It’s what they’ve been waiting for, and I know it’s good because of how many times I’ve seen the trailer shared on my Facebook newsfeed. Exciting. Perfect time to start from the first episode…


The Fall


Fans of The X-Files will love this one. A thriller with Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan. It follows a string of unsolved murders and the cat and mouse chase to find the culprit. This is a thriller that will get in your head and get under your skin. Especially since the murderer is so likeable. Chilling. Catch it on Netflix.



If you loved Making A Murderer, chances are you will love this too. This is the true story of a sixteen year old boy who went missing and the two journalists that are trying to solve it. So tragic, but addictive. Watch the episodes on YouTube.


Orange is the New Black

Yes OITNB is back, and if you haven’t already binged the season on Netflix, you should start now. This is a cult programme if there ever was one, everybody is obsessed with it, no matter their usual TV tastes. This is the kind of show that’s created unlikely friendships on my Facebook news feed. It’s fresh, and it’s fierce.


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