The Best TV Shows To Cozy Up With This Evening


If one thing is for sure, my favorite part of winter is by far those cozy nights in. There’s nothing more I love than coming in from work on a Friday evening and lounging out in front of the TV with my PJs on and a hot chocolate in hand! Does that make me boring? Because now that the colder nights are emerging, I feel less guilty about trading those wild nights out for the best TV programmes Netflix has to offer. It makes staying on a Friday night that little bit better! Are you stuck for something to watch? Here are a few TV shows to watch this winter that you’ll definitely get hooked on.


The Crown


This historical TV show is much more than that – juicy and educational, you’ll get hooked on this easily. Alongside one of the most important roles in history, Queen Elizabeth engages in romances, political rivalries and more. If like me, you love the royals, this captivating and historical series is definitely not to be missed! Series two will premiere on Friday, December 8, 2017, with a new Queen, actress Olivia Colman.




Recreating the original version of Dynasty from 1980, it includes luxury, catfights, devious plans and a ton of money. The crazy rich Carrington family overcome drama, tragedy and even deaths whilst Stepmother Krystle, played by Nathalie Kelley and daughter Fallon, played by Elizabeth Gillies go head to head in a constant battle to be the alpha female. A personal favorite of mine, capturing strong, driven women. Catch Dynasty weekly on Netflix every Thursday.

Stranger Things



Stranger Things is nothing like you have ever watched before. Golden Globe-winning actress, Winona Ryder who plays Joyce Byers lives in a close nit-town called Hawkins where her son disappears. His family, friends and the police begin investigating and experience things they never believed could happen. A supernatural journey involving monsters, mysteries and a lot of strange things. You can binge watch all the series on Netflix right now.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel



If the cold dark nights are leaving you feeling a bit gloomy, this will definitely put that smile back on your face. An uplifting storyline with plenty of love, tears, and laughter. After her husband leaves her for another woman, Miriam is left feeling bitter and heartbroken. But she turns the negative into a positive and performs an unplanned stand-up act that attracts the attention of a new manager. Safe to say, this 1960’s housewife challenges expectations and changes her whole life. The series by the Gilmore Girls creator is available now on Amazon Prime.



The Alienist


This is a chilling thriller set in 1896. The plot follows President Theodore Roosevelt during his days of a police commissioner as he goes on a journey to find the person responsible for murdering young boys. With him are newspaper illustrator Luke Evans, criminal psychologist Daniel Brühl, and secretary Dakota Fanning. A fascinating trail of events leaving you wanting to watch more!


Which shows are you going to be bingeing this winter?


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