6 Things Confident Girls Do To Make New Friends

Confident women always empower each other. Instead of talking about each other, we career girls just cut out the people who drag us down and cherish the people who support us like real friends should do. Especially at the beginning of your career it’s hard not to feel like the only ambitious one in a group of friends. So it’s always a good idea to make some CG friends, here is how we do it.

1.Smile: this is so simple, yet so many people forget to do it. You make a way better and friendlier impression on people when you just smile at them. Also, I think it’s just a form of good manners. Especially when you are shy and don’t like to approach people, this way people will be more likely to approach you because they already know you are friendly. As Marilyn Monroe said a smile is the best makeup a girl can wear.

‘We all have lost opportunities, who knows maybe that could have been the start of a great friendship

2. Talk to people: let’s be honest there have been loads of situations where you were interested in something another girl did but weren’t brave enough to talk to her. We all have lost opportunities, who knows maybe that could have been the start of a great friendship.

I just had one of these situations lately. So I took the subway to the city and stood the entire ride as no seats were available (rush hour problems) and I was able to look over at this girl’s phone and she was working on some overlays of some really amazing empowering quotes, probably for her Instagram or some other social media. I really wanted to ask her about them and get her Instagram name to check more of her work out. Well, I didn’t and so I never found that great motivation page on Insta, nor did I make a new friend. The moral of the story is to approach people if they interest you – if you don’t you’ll regret it later.

3. Be yourself: whenever you make new friends always be yourself. When you act differently people will find out and think you have a “fake” personality and won’t really want to be close friends with you. So make sure to stay true to yourself.

4. Don’t give up: when you set out to make friends, it can feel a bit disheartening if it doesn’t happen. Don’t take it personally when it doesn’t work out with the first person you approach. Not every person clicks with everybody, so don’t go home frustrated just try with someone else.


5. Throw a party: with all the working us career girls do, it’s nice to have a nice social gathering on a Friday night. Invite all your current friends and tell each one to bring a plus one. That’s a pretty safe situation to make new friends as you’re all friends already, and it’ll be easier to talk to everyone.

6. Network: as we network in business, we can also network in our social life. When you make a new friend, let them introduce you to all their friends. You can even use networking to make new friends, if there’s someone you admire for reasons other than their career, you can connect with them on social media and check in with them every so often until it’s acceptable to suggest a coffee date.

By Benita Ilgenstein

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