The Types Of Friends We All Need In Our Gang


Carly Cristman


Your friends are some of the most important people in your life, they might drive you mad but could you ever imagine your life without them, especially when they provide you with so much!

Every gang needs these seven types of friends, even if some of them double up. You know who you are girls, our favorite friends!

#1 The Beauty Guru
My go to for contour consultations, highlight insights, plus she is the queen of the feline flick. She even makes me feel a little more at ease in the Mac store when I am simply a fish out of water.

#2 The Night In One
Everyone has that one friend who is a ‘let’s drink wine and eat cheese at 2 a.m.’ kind of girl (my favorite).

#3 The Night Out One
Your dance-floor sidekick, honestly there is no one else I would rather have by my side on a heavy night out, she drinks shots like she drinks water and she is always up for a burger on the way home.

#4 The One Who Makes Stuff Happen
The only one who keeps the Whatsapp group chat alive, she doesn’t care if you have work deadlines, a car to clean and a boyfriend to see, you will all go for cocktails and you will not bail.

#5 The Career Girl
The one who makes you feel like you’ve failed at life because you work part time and live by unsociable hours, she also makes you incredibly envious and you must update your CV right this minute because you just want to be her.

#6 The Instagram Icon
How can she make Friday night cocktails look so amazing, surely she has secret access to unknown filters because your phone cannot do that.

#7 The One That Never Stops Laughing
Even at the most inappropriate of times she never fails to find something to laugh about, usually ends in fits of giggles, the ones where you can’t actually breathe because you’re laughing so hard.

#8 The One with the best advice
The friend who always knows the right thing to say, even in the worst of times. Now if only she took her own advice and dumped that terrible boyfriend of hers . . .


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Sophie Black


A London based lifestyle blogger with an unhealthy obsession with Starbucks. She hopes to one day make it big in the world of PR and until then can be found either working off stage in her local theater or sipping cocktails on the weekend.

  • Bee

    This was a really cute post! Love it :)


  • Yvonne Ashon

    LOL I am the number 8 friend and most of the time i wish i had a number 8 friend.

  • Erin Henry (erinmayfitness)

    OMG I am so number 2. Vegan cheese but yasss I’m there, where is the wine! xx

  • Elishia Chave

    Awww these sort of posts make me miss my UK bunch soo much! Looking forward to finding #2 in NYC :) Awesome post.

  • Camille Beygui

    I feel so lucky to have the friends that I have because none of them fits in just one of these categories. We’re all a mix of all these things

  • Rebecca Cantu

    Feel so blessed to read this post, and see that I have these kind of people in my life!

    xx |

  • Samantha

    Great article! I’m #3 and #7 definitely! It’s great to know we cannot all be these things at once!

  • Alexis

    Love #8 The Ironic One!

    xx Alexis
    YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

  • Lou

    Well, I am the #7!! I shouldn’t be laughing but I am…. of course I am the first to laugh at me too! :)

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