The Ultimate Christmas Planning Checklist


I can’t quite believe it either, but Christmas is literally around the corner. With feasts and parties galore, this holiday season always seems to be the busiest time of year for us all. Though the idea of preparing now may appear as a little eager, I believe it’s definitely worth tackling your holiday to-dos well in advance to avoid any Christmas meltdowns.


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Organization is the key to any planning we do, so to help you get organized for the coming festivities we’ve gathered a six-week step by step guide to Christmas planning so you don’t even have to buy a novelty Christmas planner, all in the hope that you have the happiest and smoothest holiday possible.

Mid November – Six Weeks Before:

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Create your gift and cards list.
You may not have all the final details just yet, but create a list which you can update when necessary and make sure you’re keeping on top of names and addresses as often as needed.

Steadily begin your Christmas shopping.
You may have been picking up potential Christmas gifts, stocking fillers and cards all year, but now’s the time to get serious about completing your Christmas shop. This would also be a great time to buy and prepare presents that you’re mailing out. Include buying postal stamps and gift wrapping supplies at this point, to save you from any unnecessary last minute runs. Check out all our gift guides here.

Make a master calendar/planner.
When the official dates of various events are scheduled, log them into your master calendar or planner which will serve as your main reference for all upcoming parties and dinners.


End of November – One Month Before:

Begin to prepare gifts and cards.
Wrap your presents as you buy them to save you from any frantic wrapping mishaps (presentation is key). Start writing out your Christmas cards and address them so they’re ready for posting.

Do online shopping.
If you’re still missing gifts and want to purchase online items, this is a good time to do some online shopping to ensure everything reaches you in time.

Carry out a stock check.
Decorations, lights, kitchen utensils, dishes and glassware; do a household stock check of things you have stored and see if anything needs updating or replacing.


Start of December – A Little Over Three Weeks Before:

Start mailing.
Begin to post your gifts and cards which need to reach your out-of-town loved ones. Sending out your post early will help to avoid the holiday posting rush and will ensure everything reaches its destination right on time.

Buy a tree.
Getting your tree at this point is great if you’re looking for it to stay fresh and preserve its needles. It is also arguably the best moment in any festive household, so the earlier the better!

Dress your lawn, home, and tree to really bring the merry mood into your home early.

Finalize your Christmas menus.
If you’re in charge of the holiday spread this year, ensure you’ve decided on what you are serving and also check what your guests are bringing. With this knowledge, you can then start composing your final grocery list.

Start thinking wardrobe.
I’m sure it’s been on your mind for a while, but by the start of December, you should have an idea of what you want to wear to the endless upcoming events and where to buy them from. Having everything ready in your wardrobe will save you time and stress.


Second Week of December – Two Weeks Before:

Gift and card check.
Make sure the gifts and cards you are personally presenting to everyone are ready. Check your gift and card list to ensure you haven’t missed anybody out.

Start phase one of your grocery shopping.
Shop for unperishable items first like canned foods and pantry goods that need stocking up on.


Third Week of December – One Week Before:

Spring clean.
Conduct a deep clean of your house. You’ll notice that you appreciate the festive decorations even more once your home is clean and organized. An organized space can also aid in making sure you’re able to think clearer during this manic time. Be sure to clear out your refrigerator to make room for the dishes and ingredients that are yet to come.

Prepare tableware.
From platters, serving dishes and cutlery to table linen, clean and prepare all your tableware if you’re due to host the Christmas meal.


Fourth Week of December – Christmas Week

Phase two of grocery shopping.

On your final trips to the grocery store, pick up fresh perishable goods and any ingredients you’ll need for making your Christmas dishes. Also, stock up on any household items you need to keep your home feeling extra festive.

Start cooking.
Whether you’re hosting or taking a dish to somebody else’s Christmas meal, make your meals with enough time to spare for preparing, tasting, and perfecting. Get as much done as you can so that there is little work to do on Christmas day.

Set up your gift displays.
By this point you’ve been prepping your gifts for a while and they should hopefully now be ready to go under the Christmas tree, in stockings or gift bags to present to family and friends.

Sit back and put your feet up.
In the last 6 weeks you’ve truly outdone yourself and now deserve some time to relax and completely unwind. Congratulations, you survived another Christmas extravaganza.

With this 6 week step by step guide, you will be sure to get through any Christmas challenges with ease and success, Good luck!

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