Ultimate Summer Festival Guide: All The Tips You Possibly Need

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We’re heading into a long summer of great festivals, we can’t wait to visit amazing festivals all over the world! We’ve asked the Career Girls their ultimate festival survival tips and  come up with your ultimate summer festival survival guide!

Whether you’re going one day or a couple of days, here are our top tips for surviving a music festival this summer!


3 Ultimate Beauty Tips

#1 Beauty essentials: always carry sunscreen, lip balm and water – this is essential!

#2 Keep your make up simple and to a minimum. You’ll probably just sweat it off anyway and don’t want to end up looking like a panda

#3 At the end of the day, make sure you fully remove any makeup & dirt. Bring face wipes or use face wash & lukewarm water.

4 Ultimate Fashion Tips

Wear a hat: To prevent your scalp from burning and sun stroke, get yourself a fashionable hat and don’t take it off until the sun goes down.

Wear comfortable shoes or sandals: The ground will get dirty, and you’ll want to have a bit of division between you and it. While boots can be too warm for festival weather, a thick sole shoe or sandal should do the trick. Tip: ASOS has some great festival proof sandals!

Buy affordable sunglasses: Don’t bring your most expensive sunglasses, you might lose control of your sunnies and we don’t want that!

Wear the bikini you’ve always wanted to wear: You have all summer to be body conscious. What better time to flaunt it then when you physically can’t bear to wear anything else.


#1 Always arrange a meeting point in case you get separated from your friends.

#2 Take an empty plastic bag — it can have many uses! You can use it to sit on, wear it as a poncho if it rains.

#3 Drink plenty of water! If you get dehydrated you’ll just pass out and ruin it for everyone! Most festivals provide free water stations so make the most of it.

#4 Take a mini bottle of hand sanitizer or a travel pack of baby wipes. Sounds lame but you’ll thank us later.

If we’ve forgotten anything let us know in the comments below!

  1. Thanks for sharing this helpful post! I always enjoy reading your writings they always cheer me up!


  2. Lovely blog and post. I’ve recently started blogging again and this has inspired me to get back on it. Can’t wait for Summer to start xx

  3. Summer is the best time to wear a bikini, can’t agree more on it especially when there are so many cute designs out there! Great tips, thanks for sharing!


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