4 Upcoming Industries To Work For You Need To Know About

It’s not easy to find a job that guarantees job safety. In these times of crisis and unemployment, most people are happy to even have a job. But us career girls like to dream big! Luckily for us there are some industries that have a better future perspective. So if you haven’t figured out exactly what you want to do, these are the lines of profession you must keep an eye on!

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Online marketing

Nowadays everyone owns a Smartphone, tablet or laptop. Some of us even have all of them. Most purchases are done online and there is WIFI available everywhere. Last week I even had WIFI at the beach! The main focus is on the online world these days and it’s not a big surprise that online marketing has increased enormously. Social media has a huge part in that. So are you often called a Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram junkie with a passion for marketing? Then this is the right career for you!


When I was in Uni I hated finance more than anything. But if you are good with figures and analysis, this might be a very smart career move. Finance is one of the fastest growing industries, and companies can’t do without finance consultants and analysts. Within this industry, you can do almost anything for any kind of company. Having said that, think of all the benefits a financial job will have for your personal life. You’ll always have your spending under control!

Content management

This direction is ideal for the career girls like me, who dream of a job in lifestyle journalism. Think of all the blogs and online magazines that provide good and interesting content. Every day thousands of new blogs are created and still this industry is growing. Content management is necessary for a higher ranking in Google and, therefore, essential for every company, small or big. So if you love writing, this is your call. You might not start as an editor right away but you sure as hell will have a bright future!

Communication and PR

Do you have the best social skills and are you the type of girl that gets things done easily? Then a career in communication and PR is perfect for you! Every big company has a PR team that has contact with their customers and other interest groups. It is hard work, but with a job that promises no working day will ever be the same, you won’t get bored at all!

Are you missing a fast growing industry? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Shelley Beekman.

  • Fernweh Society

    This post is great, I really love how you picked some key highlights for industries!
    I think another thing to think about for Career Girls is that one might posess a few of the skills from these different areas, which will make you all the more marketable!


  • Fernweh Society

    possess* not posess :P

  • Chantal

    I think everything connected to computer science has a big potential, so why not study that? There is a biiiig lack of women in that field!
    And also, in the pharmaceutical industry you will definitely get a job, and a well paid one ;)

    • Laura

      Yes! I completely agree. I made the move to Software Development from an Arts degree and I had a job lined up before I’d even finished my Masters. It’s such a fast growing field and there is a big push for more women at the moment.


    • Shelley Beekman

      You’re absolutely right! Women are needed in those professions as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject.

  • Allison

    This is such a helpful post for someone (like me) still trying to figure out what they want to do with their life! Thanks for sharing!


  • Tania

    I’ve been considering going back to school to do a few extra credits in finance- companies really value those skills! It pays off to get through those boring courses.